💥Battleborn SHiFT Code HQ💥 - Loot Packs, Skins & Titles! (Updated August 3!🔥)

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Tell them I said hi. :slight_smile:

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gotta love missing out cuz the code didnt work


Message support with the info @Kaleidodemon mentioned earlier (Shift support ID and Battleborn profile ID). That’s what I did and they unlocked it after ten minutes, no kidding!

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Anyone know where do I find this? I got the Support ID, but there was no other ID on that dialogue, and I don’t see anything anywhere else except my XBL GT…

Incidentally, I do already have the OM skin from a previous thing - maybe that’s what was glitching things up?

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options -> support info was there for me

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Thanks! Misread the support email and thought everything was on the same dialogue. Next time I should wear my reading glasses… :older_man:

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welp instant feedback, unlocked stuff in like 10 mins of sending ticket

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Same. The code wasn’t working for me all weekend either.

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Update regarding the Play with the Devs event SHiFT code here.


SONUVA! I forgot to claim the PWtD code and missed out on OM’s gold and WF’s cyber skin!


Edit: And then I saw the post above mine…

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In case some missed it:
Boldur Gold Skin added September 29th. No expiration date revealed.

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added to the op, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Wow, that… really sucks

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Really, we bleeding is a CC? I thought it was more like an applied dot, a la Miko and Mellka

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Just an fyi - looks like you got the codes swapped; Boldur’s was released 9/29 (and I’m guessing the Benedict/ISIC/Shayne & Aurox was 6/3).

Thanks for the post btw - it’s definitely come in handy :slight_smile:

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Not sure how that happened :smiley: Thanks!

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It’s been a while!
Added 2 SHiFT codes (Attikus Fort Knocks skin & Attikus)

Fix formatting for some codes (not sure why there is extra space) DONE
Update thread with “Play w/ the Devs 2” skins

QUOTE[quote=“JohnS_CZ, post:1, topic:1466751”]
95C3J-WJZXX-KCKJZ-6WR3T-TJJSK - Golden skin for Attikus - Fort Knocks Skin
Released: October 13th/14th
Expiration: Unknown
Source: Gearbox Twitter

Released: October 13th/14th
Expiration: Unknown
Source: Gearbox Twitter


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In my experience, the discourse editor can be a bit funky with indentation and spacing on bullet lists, especially when text is copy/pasted into the editor. Also, if your computer OS “helpfully” converted extra white space into non-breaking space characters during the process, it will do strange things. I’ve often had to manually delete and replace spaces and returns to get things formatted properly.

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I wish the golden skins wouldn’t expire, i missed out on the pendles one as my Internet service went down a few days. any chance we can get them back?

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Is this just an unlock code for players who haven’t unlocked Attikus yet?