💥Battleborn SHiFT Code HQ💥 - Loot Packs, Skins & Titles! (Updated August 3!🔥)

(AttnDefDis) #324

I’m confused, where is the code from the 12th?

(Jan S.) #325

I just added Toby unlock code on Nov 12, but the code itself is from Nov 10 :slight_smile:

(Darthrivera85) #326

There was/is a cyber Pendles skin. I’d love to see that

(Devilgear21) #327

code works, thanks dude

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(Master of Lore) #328

In case someone didn’t spot it in the Battleplan.

(Zesban) #329

For strategic copy & paste purposes:

Galilea Apocalypse Cyber Skin

Ernest Falcon Cyber Skin

(Jan S.) #330

Updated OP.

Sorry for not being as active as I was, there’s a lot of real life work and stuff going on right now :smiley:

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(Jan S.) #331

2 Golden skins added! One for Beatrix, one for Whiskey Foxtrot.
Also, I’m really unsure about expirations on a lot of these codes, some of them might be already expired.
If you’re new and/or haven’t unlocked all of them yet, if you encounter EXPIRED code that’s marked as valid, please let me know. Thanks! :+1:

  • HCWJJ-6H9XR-W5WB9-65XJT-X6WR3 - Golden skin for Whiskey Foxtrot - “It’s Premium Foxtrot!” skin
  • Released: January 13th, 2017 :fire:
  • Source: Gearbox Twitter
  • Expiration: Unknown
  • ZK5J3-5SZ6X-KC539-XWF3B-6BKBS - Golden skin for Beatrix - “Chrysochelator” skin
  • Released: January 10th, 2017 :fire:
  • Source: Gearbox Twitter
  • Expiration: Unknown
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(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #332

I know that the Kleese golden skin, the Goldur skin and the Digital skin for Foxtrot still work. I only used them yesterday. I think most of the stream codes never expire! Can’t say that for sure though. On my PS4 I haven’t put any code in yet. I can check on there which codes work later.

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(Jan S.) #333


  • 9W5JT-9HSRF-5K53Z-X5RBT-J6B5S - Alani’s “Atramental” skin
  • Released: January 26th, 2017 :fire:
  • Source: Gearbox Twitter
  • Expiration: Unknown
  • Alani’s Atramental skin added
  • Moved character unlock codes to expired

edit: 01-28

(Accursius13) #334

Can anyone at Gearbox clarify / let us know how new players can acquire golden skins or skins that have expired? I keep getting asked by new players and it’s disheartening letting them now its unavailable for the moment being


arent the golden skins available to be purchased via platinum?

(Accursius13) #336

I believe they were removed. Don’t see them on there.

(Master of Lore) #337

As far as I know it were Only the ones From the “Firstborn” set, you can only see them in the Shop if you don’t have them (I made a second account and saw them)

Outside of Thorn, Rath, Reyna, Montana and Marquis I don’t think any Gold Skins were buyable.

If you’re missing them AND they’re not in the Shop, then they really were removed.

I just wish the game would see that I already got the skins and OPs so it stops trying to sell me something that would add nothing for me… stupid bundle section…

(Golf Two) #338

the toby skin worked for me, so excited to use these! :grinning:

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(The Title Master) #339

Are there any shift codes for titles?

(Toby's nest mate, PSN tronixde) #340


Oh sweet gonna enter all the vaild codes! thanks:sunglasses:

(Joseph) #342

Well shoot, for the longest time I’ve been watching the Battleborn twitter for more codes, but after Pendles gold skin, nothing. Now I find out that they’ve been posting them on the Gearbox twitter. I only missed the Ernest gold skin but now that’s gonna make me feel like a nerd missing a piece in his collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I can confirm that the gold skins for Boldur, Toby and Kleese still work, as well as Ernest’s cyber skin.

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(How much time do we have?) #343

Just so you know, most of them have also been announced in one of the many reveal streams that have taken place, and/or in one of the weekly Battle Plans.