💥Battleborn SHiFT Code HQ💥 - Loot Packs, Skins & Titles! (Updated August 3!🔥)

I’m confused, where is the code from the 12th?

I just added Toby unlock code on Nov 12, but the code itself is from Nov 10 :slight_smile:

There was/is a cyber Pendles skin. I’d love to see that

code works, thanks dude

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In case someone didn’t spot it in the Battleplan.


For strategic copy & paste purposes:

Galilea Apocalypse Cyber Skin

Ernest Falcon Cyber Skin


Updated OP.

Sorry for not being as active as I was, there’s a lot of real life work and stuff going on right now :smiley:

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2 Golden skins added! One for Beatrix, one for Whiskey Foxtrot.
Also, I’m really unsure about expirations on a lot of these codes, some of them might be already expired.
If you’re new and/or haven’t unlocked all of them yet, if you encounter EXPIRED code that’s marked as valid, please let me know. Thanks! :+1:

  • HCWJJ-6H9XR-W5WB9-65XJT-X6WR3 - Golden skin for Whiskey Foxtrot - “It’s Premium Foxtrot!” skin
  • Released: January 13th, 2017 :fire:
  • Source: Gearbox Twitter
  • Expiration: Unknown
  • ZK5J3-5SZ6X-KC539-XWF3B-6BKBS - Golden skin for Beatrix - “Chrysochelator” skin
  • Released: January 10th, 2017 :fire:
  • Source: Gearbox Twitter
  • Expiration: Unknown
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I know that the Kleese golden skin, the Goldur skin and the Digital skin for Foxtrot still work. I only used them yesterday. I think most of the stream codes never expire! Can’t say that for sure though. On my PS4 I haven’t put any code in yet. I can check on there which codes work later.

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  • 9W5JT-9HSRF-5K53Z-X5RBT-J6B5S - Alani’s “Atramental” skin
  • Released: January 26th, 2017 :fire:
  • Source: Gearbox Twitter
  • Expiration: Unknown
  • Alani’s Atramental skin added
  • Moved character unlock codes to expired

edit: 01-28

Can anyone at Gearbox clarify / let us know how new players can acquire golden skins or skins that have expired? I keep getting asked by new players and it’s disheartening letting them now its unavailable for the moment being


arent the golden skins available to be purchased via platinum?

I believe they were removed. Don’t see them on there.

As far as I know it were Only the ones From the “Firstborn” set, you can only see them in the Shop if you don’t have them (I made a second account and saw them)

Outside of Thorn, Rath, Reyna, Montana and Marquis I don’t think any Gold Skins were buyable.

If you’re missing them AND they’re not in the Shop, then they really were removed.

I just wish the game would see that I already got the skins and OPs so it stops trying to sell me something that would add nothing for me… stupid bundle section…

the toby skin worked for me, so excited to use these! :grinning:

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Are there any shift codes for titles?


Oh sweet gonna enter all the vaild codes! thanks:sunglasses:

Well shoot, for the longest time I’ve been watching the Battleborn twitter for more codes, but after Pendles gold skin, nothing. Now I find out that they’ve been posting them on the Gearbox twitter. I only missed the Ernest gold skin but now that’s gonna make me feel like a nerd missing a piece in his collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I can confirm that the gold skins for Boldur, Toby and Kleese still work, as well as Ernest’s cyber skin.

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Just so you know, most of them have also been announced in one of the many reveal streams that have taken place, and/or in one of the weekly Battle Plans.