💥Battleborn SHiFT Code HQ💥 - Loot Packs, Skins & Titles! (Updated August 3!🔥)

(Joseph) #344

Good to know, and I’ll certainly be checking back here regularly just in case.
But all in all, no big deal. I don’t ever use Ernest so I won’t lose sleep over it (haha yes I will).

(Jan S.) #345

Hopefully there will be second chance to receive skins that no longer work :slight_smile:

I’ve also finally updated OP with Phoebe skin (took me long enough)

(Joseph) #346

New code for Mellka’s Lone Wolf cyber skin.

(violence solves EVERYTHING) #347

can we get a golden deande skin or something

(Grippy) #348


(Jan S.) #349

There’s a new code from this week’s Battleplan:
Galilea’s gold “Destruction” skin 9WK33-S3BH6-CK5TS-6WF3T-SKHJJ
I’ll update main post later :slight_smile:

(Montana is my homegirl.) #350

I actually saw that it wasn’t on here and was just about to say the same thing. lol
You beat me to it.

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #351

Anyone have a copy/paste for the legendary pack SHIFT code?

(How much time do we have?) #352

It’s in last week’s Battleplan.

(Jan S.) #353

Finally updated (dont kill me pls)

I’ve added “latest codes” category to main post so you can find new codes faster.

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #354

So, how many gold skins remain to be released?

I think I’m missing Ambra, Caldarius, Deande, El Dragon and Mellka

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #355

Does Kelvin have a gold skin out yet?

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #356

You had to login during the Battleborn Weekend 2, last February

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #357

Of course… I think I was away that weekend. :angry:


WTF? All codes are expired. I can’t redeem anything.

(Jan S.) #359

That’s weird, maybe they deactivated them because of latest update?
This code:
was in latest Battleplan (haven’t added it in main post yet), does it work for you?


Doesnt work either. “Redemption has failed. Expired or no longer available”

(How much time do we have?) #361

Lingering effects of server maintenance perhaps? Paging @JoeKGBX or @MereAtGBX

(Toby's nest mate, PSN tronixde) #362

for the record

(Master of Lore) #363

As a short info, I got the Titles of the other post and have generally no problems with shift, but the code from your post gives me the same error Message (Sorry, the code you have entered is expired and can no longer be reedeemed) both before and after getting both titles from the other post.

Is it supposed to be expired? What was the goodie anyway? (Hopefully not a Skin…)