Battleborn: Shift Rewards on Facebook!

Salutations all! My name is Max but I also go by Rav. I run the Battleborn: Shift Rewards fan page on Facebook. I wanted to reach out not just to fellow Battleborn, but the guys and galls at Gearbox to let you all know we all anxiously await Shift rewards and love to share our findings with others!

I want to let Gearbox know since I formed the page we have gotten over 200 people on the page! I hope you have lots more fun suprises in store for us!

If you want to join our fan community here is a link to the page.

Stay Badass everyone! Max

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Another great place to keep an eye on for Shift codes and they also keep a list nice and orgenized for people who are new and looking for old codes :slight_smile: