Battleborn should be free to play

Hello Gearbox. First of all I just want to say I love Battleborn. I am writing to you today to ask you all to make Battleborn free to play. I play it on Xbox One and i have talked to over 20 of my friends who say they would all play it if it was free to play. I think making the switch over to f2p would give Battleborn the boost in players that it needs to survive and grow. I dont want to see it fail, I would be so sad. Please save your game and make it free to play! Thanks for making a great game.


Not going to lie, the game was $12 last week. Considering they are going to have a trial version which is not going to have all the modes, $12 for a full game is pretty good.


$10 where I live. And my friend who got the game said that the cashier asked him if he really wanted the game and “if there’s anything we could do to convince you to not buy it.”

Making it free-to-play won’t actually help Battleborn. Battleborn’s actual total playerbase is fine, at launch we had about 14,000 total players. The thing is, player retention isn’t quite good enough and publicity is just terrible, so making it free-to-play would get a few more players, but not very many, and they wouldn’t stay long.

The big problem is the steep learning curve and the (currently) obnoxious matchmaking for new players. They are bringing out a trial version some time early next year, and they’re working on a tutorial/training dojo type thing. But player retention is again key, and hopefully the upcoming content (new ops, gamemodes etc.) will help with that.

I’m personally hoping to see more new characters, up to a full roster of 50 or so, and hoping in the distant future that perhaps Battleborn will grow into one of the great competitive MOBAs like Dota 2 or LoL. Because that would be awesome.

Besides it’s really, really cheap these days.


Hello! Good to see a new user
Personally, I don’t think it will help. That may just be me though

Gee… I wonder what kind of pressures could be placed on them to say that kind of thing… :innocent:

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Evolve Stage 2’s development got halted, in the middle of releasing more content because it didn’t end up being what 2K wanted/expected, so Bb going F2P probably wont happen. We are probably lucky if the servers stay up after the season pass is finished.


Battleborn’s so cheap, it’s basically free to play. It’s extremely cheap just about anywhere right now, there’s no reason for it to be free.

To derail your thread, I would actually play Overwatch if it was F2P. That game has basically no content to back up a price tag of any kind and is certainly not worth $60.

However, it felt like a game I would play quite a bit if it was free. Probably because of how much it reminded me of the F2P version of Team Fortress 2…


Going free to play won’t save it at this stage. 2k shoved it out the door before it was ready (otherwise we’d have the training mode, prestige, and trial version already) and 2k refused to market it, just like everything they publish. It was a new IP that 2k set up to fail from the beginning.

The only thing that can save Battleborn is a hard re-release with commercials, events, and everything it SHOULD have had to begin with. Of course this’d have to be after all of our season pass content is out.


I saw Battleborn in the bargain bin at Target today. It made me sad. :anguished: :triumph: :sob:

So instead of having the game go f2p and actually survive you would rather it stay paid and fail? Just because you bought the game doesn’t mean it should be paid. This view is pretty selfish. I know a lot of people who bought it and would love to see it go f2p so it survives and they can keep playing it. On Xbox One our player base is even smaller so yes we need it to go f2p. A trial version is not going to help anything. People will just stop playing it when the trial is up. I hope the trial version doesnt have a cutoff point. If it doesnt have a cutoff point then it is f2p so I’m lost someone clarify.

I just know a whole bunch of people who would love Battleborn because they play Overwatch. I personally love both but I like Battleborn better. We need to expose Overwatch’s fanbase to Battleborn and f3p is perfect for this. I dont care what anyone says Overwatch and Battleborn are very similar.


Seriously that comparison is nothing but detrimental to new players who come in expecting combat to be like a twitch shooter. That mentality gets you nothing but killed in PvP.


That’s exactly what I said after i preordered overwatch and ended up returning it before its release date. Battleborn going free to play would definitely bring in a bit more players but at this point it’s highly unlikely to tun into a significant number of new members.

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The problem is that f2p is not a magic switch that brings in dozens of players. Battleborn actually sold okay at it’s launch, yet the majority of those players quit. Same for the surge of players who came in with the humble bundle sale, and other sales. Going f2p will do nothing if the game has no player retention, and given what happened to Evolve I’d be extremely hesitant to see this game go f2p without a solid plan in place.

The issues that caused those players to quit have largely gone unchanged, and this is several months into the game’s life cycle now. Battleborn already has a negative reputation, deserved or not, and this is especially evident on steam. (With the acknowledgement that it has actually gotten mostly positive recently, and a light yellow mixed for overall.) Going haphazardly into f2p without fixing many of the existing issues (performance being all over the place for PC, poor matchmaking, unsmoothed maps, odd balancing, lack of competitive queues, etc) then f2p could potentially tank the game even worse.

And no, Overwatch and Battleborn are only similar in that they are character-based FPS games. Battleborn is more similar to a MOBA lite in overall gameplay, with mixed elements of FPS games. Overwatch is a pure, adrenaline rush twitch FPS with objectives. However, that is part of the problem. A lot of new comers come in expecting one thing, and then finding it a hybrid because the game doesn’t market itself very well.

This is not to say hybrids can’t exist or are doomed to fail. Innovation is often the result of combining two unlikely things into one. In BB’s case however, it doesn’t sell itself enough to make the distinction from either genre.

Getting back to the main topic, f2p needs to come with some serious overhauls and a solid revival plan. Just launching f2p will not keep the playerbase long enough. I’d rather GBX focus on fixing the larger issues with the game before even considering f2p.


Overwatch has extremely low TTK and character switching, as well as no leveling, no minions or other elements, no PVE, no leveling outside of matches that affect the matches themselves, and has much less team fight focus at the end of the day, as well as different character styles. I cannot justify this way of thinking no matter how I try


Overwatch and Battleborn are very similar- this is true.
Overwatch and Battleborn have a lot of glaring differences- this is also true.

It is possible to be similar and have differences- Case in point: siblings, particularly twins.


But $12 for a dead multiplayer game is horrible

Yeah that doesnt sound good, lets just keep it “Battleborn flopped”

But srsly, it is just an epic fail, F2P won’t help it… it would be a good idead on the launch, but it is already too deep on the fail ocean

In my opinion there is only one realistic way to give this game a change to get going.

It needs to (again in my opinion) do 2 things:

  1. Fix matchmaking by making a system where you see created game lobbys and can join them if they have room. And if you don’t see any game lobby for your desire you can create your own. When making own game lobby you can choose gamemode, map, player amount, (and bots if PVP mode). When game lobby is filled the game starts.

  2. Get players by putting the game to PSN+ and Xbox Games with gold, for monthly free games.
    I think there’s not much to do for PC-playerbase.

The game is $9 at Best Buy. It’s already aftp (almost free to play).

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