Battleborn shouldn't punish the player for its faults

Just completed the algorithm on advanced and got the pacifier legendary from isic. Except the game just got stuck in a black screen and all I could do was pull up my gear menu and score card. So after waiting about ten minutes and nothing changing I turned off the ps4 and got back on. The mission was in the “previous missions” tab but said it was incomplete and didn’t give me any of the progress since i was forced to quit or if the mission. It’s not that big of a deal, but still kinda aggravating that I went through all that work and cause the game is faulty I’m not getting that legendary now.

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[quote=“btross24, post:1, topic:1543519, full:true”]It’s not that big of a deal, but still kinda aggravating that I went through all that work and cause the game is faulty I’m not getting that legendary now.

As far as I’m aware, it’s not actually the game’s fault as much as it is server unreliability.

This is just part of electronics in general, this has been around since you had save able progress in games.

Your probably right. I love the game, but just got a little salty after that happened.

Put in a support ticket. In most cases, Gearbox will compensate you for your troubles.

How? The record of his game was wiped out, like it never existed.

It’s not like I don’t believe him, but he has nothing to prove since no data was saved.

If GBX could compensate for all those times where the game DCs, server crashes, or how the game progress simply won’t save because of reasons, that would be great. But I can’t, because the game data did not save so it was like it never existed, got no proof that I ever played the game to begin with.

I technically do have some proof that I ran that mission cause it’s in my Match history it shows that I ran the algorithm on advanced but it also says It is incomplete and all my stats for the mission are at zero cause I had to exit out of the game. There were three other people in the match with me and they must have had the same issue cause they all started disconnecting one by one. Where does one go to put in a ticket for something like that?

While he might not have proof that he got the Pacifier, they might at least compensate him with credits/xp that he would have gotten for completing the mission (and maybe 250 credits to compensate for the lost legendary and a little more on top as compensation for the aggravation).

Still, seems like a lot of hassle for a few credits and a bit of xp. The only reason you would really want to get attention is because you want that damned Pacifier (which could take a number of runs until you get another).

They’ve stated in someone’s support ticket that they can’t just give you the Pacifier, but they can give him Legendary packs to compensate.

Is it bad that I would actually prefer the legendary pack to the Pacifier since the Pacifier is an easily gotten PvE legendary while the legendary packs drop the much less common and more onerous to get loot pack legendaries?

If this is true, I just need to think of a way to make this happen on a regular basis so that I can turn PvE legendary dross into loot pack legendary gold…

I was actually thinking that. And even better, in this guy’s case (on reddit) they gave him two loot boxes. I’m trying to make a collection of max roll Voxis Cores and these would sure help!

This is why you never go alone.