Battleborn site helix might need updating

Hello Gearbox, would you be updating the Battleborn site for the updated helix descriptions? I observed that some have no same descriptions in game vs the site.

Example is Toby:

Where in some of his augments like the split projectile is now not existing in game, as it is now the bigger projectile; and the arc mine stun must directly now.

I agree, I tried bringing this up on the Battleborn Facebook and Twitter pages a few months back. Phoebe’s helix still states that she has a stun at level 1 and Thorn’s still states abilities deal 35% damage to Cursed targets with Hextension only increasing the duration of Curse. I’ve used this as a reference point for a while to determine subtle changes to characters from the CTT and beta that weren’t mentioned in patch notes, but I think it’s time they update the character descriptions, helixes, and add mutations.

If you want full current helixes with mutations, you can visit

Yup, thanks for that!