Battleborn skin ideas!

I was coming home from the store and I really started thinking: How cool would it be if we saw skins of characters BEFORE everything happened? Examples listed below:

Ghalt before starting the Battleborn. Perhaps as a soldier or something?
Deande when she was still Rendain’s right hand
Mellka before she gave herself the mohawk
Caldarius before being prisoner
Young Kleese
An angel-like Galilea before corruption
Pendles or Reyna before their eye injuries.

That’s all I have for now. I love discussing ideas that other people may have for characters for fun no matter how ridiculous it is. This is just for fun. MAYBE we just might see some suggested skins actually released? fingers crossed

How about a thorn skin with her being all fancied up like phoebe?


Gal or Phoebe in a bikini.

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LOL! Bikini Galilea?

What? She has a smoking body.

I imagined her skin in that deep purple varelsi color, just with a bikini on. Still with the helmet

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The entire Rogue team have a fast food restaurant skin, Reyna being the manager, Pendles being delivery, Shayne and Aurox being at the front desk, Orendi being the drive-thru, and finally Whisky being the cook

Just imagine the quotes


Thrall Like skins for each battleborn?

OMG DUDE! That would be so good. I’d love the Foxtrot lines. Also, imagine Montana in a chef skin? Or Reyna as a cashier? What about a varelsi like skin for everyone. Not like the master skin, just all the galileas corruption.

Aurox:“what mushy flesh bits would you like to consume?”

Shayne:"no Aurox it’s,“hi how may I take your order?”

Anyway I thought of a Mellka skin where her gauntlet (the Fist) grew more on her and covered half of her face with the Fist’s bio-whatever you call it

I would love to see Aurox in an ice skin like Kelvin and then a Kevlin like rock. Also a cross faction skin for each Battleborn would be awesome like Rath’s alternate history one and Miko’s LLC costume.

I just hope we get more skins like Shane and Aurox (the clown one) as everything else we have been getting have just been retextures with paint jobs but nothing much to change the actual character. oh and some nice non platinum ones as well

Pre-Corruption Galilea was kind of a knight, not an angel. Possibly having an armour rework would make this more logical, but I don’t think an angel would make much sense. Other than that, these are all pretty cool ideas.

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That’s how it should be

But. But. But Toby?

She’s wearing UPR armor rn, we’d be getting an Eldrid knight type thing

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Yeah, that’s kinda what I was thinking.

Oh yeah, janitor maybe? Mascot? Or Creative director

He pretends he’s the creative director, but deep down knows he’s the mascot, but is actually just the janitor

I need Oscar Mike w/ lipstick