Battleborn Skins

So is there going to be any more skins than the recolours we have now? I heard some people say that we can get tier 2 and tier 3 skins but is there any information on how to obtain these skins as the current recolours are a little lackluster and the golden skins dont intrigue me enough.

There are more rare skins that you get out of packs

If anyone gets their hands on the rarer skins, please post screenshots! We’d love to see what they look like :slight_smile:

What about the current Shift skins? I’ve not even been able to get that thing to work.

Try a support ticket

try all lower case that worked for me

Well I’ve put in a ticket twice in 12 hours with no reply and it doesn’t seem to differ what case I put it in. What kills me is that I’ve been rewarded with the Battleborn Tap Orendi skin and my Firstborn skins but can’t get the Beta Badass ones to work.

Level 25 now, and still haven’t seen anybody use any tier 2 skins.

Tier 2 skins?

Just heard Tier 2 are coming in the next content patch.

The hell is a tier 2 skin?

The idea is they have more detailed skins that are rarer to get, like completely change the texture of a character. I don’t want to spoil ones I saw in the video that first found them but there were some impressive looking ones. I remember a cool Benedict one that I’d like to have.