Battleborn Sound Sync - #2

So I went and finished off another sync. It’s a little more complex than my first one, and again there are a few spots I could improve on, but it came out pretty good. Also a few minor visual issues (Kelvin’s tracks mostly) - I’m still getting the hang of this.

Feel free to leave me some feedback.


Very, very good. I LOVE IT!!!

I love the part with Deande burst dash thing. Pretty nice.

Can’t wait for #3 :wink:



0:46 to 1:24 is the best part IMO. Although OM and Marquis towards the end was neat too. Nice to see the inclusion of more characters in this one as well. :

Like @Gligar35 said, can’t wait for #3

Edit: Forgot to mention, if you do plan on making a 3rd, some characters have distinct teleport sounds in PvP that you could use. Just an idea.

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Haha! This is amazing! I’ve never seen this before. XD Man, keep making these please because this is ART! Hell yessss.

Edit: Also, you want feedback?
You do these things on a certain background music, yes?
Woulnd;t this one be great:

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Yeeeeaaaaaah, possibly. I’ll definitely give it some thought - I was planning to start on the third one some time next week ish.

Almost perfect, except that there wasn’t enough Ambra to earn an A on the Ambra scale

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Honestly, there also wasn’t enough Miko to earn a Mushroom rank.

But let’s be honest, for it to be 100% perfect to everyone, every single character would need to be in there.

@nbrownlie237 We got a challenge for you. :smirk:


Hmmmmm… We’ll see. :wink: