Battleborn splitscreen issues

I know that not alot has been said or even talked about for this topi, but i would hope that the people in charge know that they are losung half the players they could have if they would only fix the splitscreen issues.My main issue i have had since the beta and it is still crucial to me that it be fixed,is to be able to switch the split from horizontal to vertical,hell there were limited problems for Borderlands series with splitscreen but all were fixed relatively easily, I just hope that it does happen for Battleborn even if it takes tim, its a fix that needs to happen…reasons why even on a 42 inch tv i lose literally about a third of my screen due to mini map placement,if they could mirror the format layout used for borderlands 2 and tps would help a ton


fingers are too big for this phone,sorry for misspelled or incomplete words

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I feel you. they should have just put the minimap in the normal place for both players, and the pertinent information in the center.

It is unfortunate, but I feel that half may be an overexaggeration

it’s bugging me and my gf too, but i think it’s necessary to keep graphics and frames “playable”, framedrops do even happen in single player, it’s obvious that a splitscreen at “full ratio” would turn it unplayable for the most part of the match.
I’m thankful for the splitscreen online feature, Iwe were hoping for this in battlefront and were dissapointed…
I’ts not the perfect solution and sometimes you just have to sit literally less than 2m from the tv, but we can play it and have still fun.

I always thought they used the cartoony graphics to avoid frame rate issues

I should add that mine never drops

I would love vertical splitscreen.

so, so much.

It’s not an exaggeration that you lose 1/3 of your screen total. You actually do. Measured on a 60" :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the different input,it only furthers to help our cause,the
more people who agree and ask for this fix the sooner they will work on
making the fix. Again many thanks