Battleborn stats not building properly?

So I couldn’t help but notice some of these stats just aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. For instance, when I put attack speed and attack damage on phoebe her damage literally doesn’t move. Even in her helix if I add skills that increase damage her damage numbers continue to sit normally unless she levels. She always hits around 80 damage no matter what.

Plus, I’ll be fighting someone and die almost instantly and it’ll say they did somewhere around 2k damage in just a couple of seconds but if you hit “square” on ps4 to see the numbers, what you see there doesn’t equate to the first number shown. For example, galilea (probably the one who gets this glitch the most…), did 1.1k damage in 2 hits but if you hit square to see what she used on me, the damage only equals just barely north of 700.


Gotcha moved to the beta bug report category.

Thanks for the write up!

This could just be my feeling as well, but honestly gear stats equate to absolutely nothing in the game currently. Especially in PvP, I’ve been buying my items, trying to set up different builds with what I have, and haven’t noticed any difference than when not buying items. Numbers are just about the same all around, I think the only difference I’ve noticed is with Attack Speed equipment, instead of my attacks being a “bum—bum” they turn into a “bum-bum”, if that makes sense.

The only character I’ve noticed attack speed on is marquis and that’s when scoping in. Damage works with him too.

But everything else just doesn’t make sense. I too try to build different characters up but nothing happens. I can make a sort of tanky phoebe but I tried to build damage because she has some pretty nice damage all on her own and it just doesn’t work. Attack speed doesn’t make her attack faster unless bought in the helix. Attack damage does nothing with her in gear slots or in helix.

Wrath was the same way. I tried him out a couple days ago to try and deal a bit more damage while stealing more life and it went very poorly.

I notice VERY big differences when I play Phoebe with attack gear. Maybe you’re experiencing a bug.

Every game though? That’d be a heck of a bug. When I go full defense I shred people pretty easily. But when I got all attack the damage numbers are exactly the same. Even in the helix. I bought the “do 150% extra damage after your first combo” skill and the damage numbers are the same, if not a tad lower.

That’s on true strikes after your first combo, i.e. your secondary attack while your blade is glowing. If you take reprise and crosscut it does over 400 damage, so if you’re not seeing that, it is a bug.

ah ok, that makes sense then. But none of the other stuff still does lol. ]

I’m not on my PC now but when I get home I’ll check my gear setup and post it. Maybe it’ll clear some things up.

I’m on ps4, which also has this weird numerical glitch when it comes to dps after you’ve died too.