Battleborn' story and webcomic

I’ve followed battleborn a lot through the web during his development, preorder it and I’ve just now finished the story, which I found great (especially the animated part in the prologue, need more of those!!!), yet some pieces of the puzzle were missing in term of plot/explanation of what was really happening and how.

Yet even with all my search, I’ve missed the webcomics pre-BB. Today, I foundd the webcomics on your website, which explains a lot more and adds a lot to the story and it’s comprehension.

I now that we’re in 2016, that you want people to go to your website, apps, and all the 3rd party stuff but could you put those videos and story all in one place, in the game, please? That would be awesome for people to better understand the story and appreciate it even more, because it’s really good and I’m sure most of the new folks missed it!

Thank you for your time!


I agree - would make sense to have the comics available in game as well.

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great idea. How about as unlocks past level 40