Battleborn Stream 6th June 2017 Notes

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Based on assumption at the moment.

#Character Changes.

A number of these come from the patch notes yesterday.

Affects both PvP and PvE (doesn’t work against or from Battleborn, Human or Bot controlled)



Reload Speed gear reduces heat generation.

#Gear Changes.

Lore legendary changes are retroactive.

#Scoreboard and PvP changes

#Free trial

#Quality of Life Changes




Finishers last for 24 hours.

If you change a finisher with time running, you get the new one and the time is added on.

#Extra information

@Jythri STILL isn’t cured of his Gummy Bear addiction.

@ElisaRockDoc might have a bit too much platinum


Due to queues made to allow free trial players to find their feet they can’t access normal queues without being partnered.
Also - Supercharge.

Private server matches aren’t available to free trial players as Gearbox need to pay for servers somewhat if you can spin a server up at your slightest whim to play alone.

Jythri has ordered everyone get the news about the free trial to your friends.




Story time with Jythri


#Upcoming content


#Shift Code.






I don’t know if I missed it, how do you get those new skins? Is it marketplace or something else?

I’m assuming Magnus Packs.

I don’t know for certain though I think @beya, @Solus_Scientist and maybe @lowlines were opening Magnus packs earlier.

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WTF is Founders?

Founders is something which was given to anyone who owned and had played the game before June 6th, when the Free Trial that allows people to play PvP with a limited roster was released.

It gave those people 1,000 platinum, 50,000 credits, 3 legendary gear packs, a founder pack, gold skin for Deande and Mellka plus a few other bits.

Yeah, New skins are magus packs only.

@MereAtGBX I have a question that went unanswered: Is there any news of special events such as a Lootpocalypse or something like that? Thanks :slight_smile:

Nope. Nothing for now.

Special Rumble games with new maps are coming for limited time events in the future.

Yeah the special mode looks hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they reveal any new taunts or skins anyone got?

There are new skins (tier 1) that are available from Magnus packs. Other than that, no platinum taunts/skins have been mentioned.

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Yes, the new chrome / black / yellow / red skins are from the Magnus platinum lootpack. The droprate is abysmal though, I opened 67 of those and got just 6. But at the same time I got plenty of other premium stuff - taunts and skins - that I hadn’t owned before. Duplicates too, and sadly you don’t get any refunds for those so it’s kind of weird they drop you stuff you already have.

Anyhoo, you can preview all the new Magnus pack skins in the Dojo, or check out @MentalMarsvideo here.

I can confirm that platinum skins and taunts do drop from Magnus packs. :blush:

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Really? Might be buying some myself then, I’m up for a gamble.


How do I claim that? Just boot up the game?

Nvm. I got it. Thanks.!

This patch was everything. It was so worth all the empty battle plans. Just absolutely rammed full of quality ■■■■■■■ and updates.

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Hey Guys here is the Battleborn stream up on youtube.


I’m still waiting for story mission updates that remove mission failure and instead wipe you back to a mid mission checkpoint. I would love to just random match PvE missions and casually co-op. But there are some missions I just can’t stand due to the unfair mission objectives.

Also, did they update the main mission quest line/bounties? I am stuck on the one that requires you to kill 3 enemy player battle-born with your super. That was such a bummer for me to get stuck at that quest.

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Oh. And the game desperately needs drop in support, at least for co-op. I think it needs it in PvP as well.

But, mostly in co-op.

Let me put it another way. If Borderlands 2 had been structured this way, (ten to twenty 30 to 60 minute long missions instead of open-world, and matchmaking only at mission start), it likely would have dropped off the radar about a year or two after release. Borderlands is so successful because of the casual drop in/out co-op. Battleborn is apparently formal (non-casual) co-op.

Why is it so important? It opens up the window of time that people can join your match. From that small 5 minute window of patience you might have of grouping up, to the 30 to 60 minutes you’ll spend playing the mission.

Yes. There are unique concerns for Battleborn but those can all be thought out and smartly resolved and still provide drop-in support.

This will especially be important for the longevity of the game going forward. Also, relatedly, I please ask, that if you guys ever decide to take down the servers, please, please, please give us an offline patch so that we’ll be able to play it offline.

And finally. Back to mission failure ending the mission. Why not give us mission modifiers? Want to use lives? Want mission failure to end the mission instead of wiping back to a checkpoint? Want more enemies? Ok! You’ll have better odds of good gear and more XP for using those types of modifiers. But if you’re just trying to play casually, help people beat missions and make progress, level up, or whatever, then you can enjoy.

You guys have a brilliant and awesome game hidden just under the surface. Just tweak some things to peel off some layers and it will be AMAZING.

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