Battleborn stream tomorrow

So according to the Battleborn Twitter account there will be a stream tomorrow (10/27) at 12 PT. The picture they posted along with the tweet also shows what seems to be a shot of a PVP match (sorry I’m bad at being able to attach pictures with what I am typing on atm) if looks are to believed, it seems they are teasing us with new PVP video tomorrow before the CTT opens up!



Odd. Reyna and Ambra appear to be level 10 already, but the score suggests that the match began only a few minutes ago…

No. The score suggests that both teams have super few HP left.

That’s assuming it’s a count-down score and not a count-up score. But we can settle this on Thursday.

Your observation suggests it. If you can anwser me one thing, I can conclude further:
Is the left bar yellow or green? I have a red-green-weakness that makes this hard to tell.

Left is green, right is red, suggesting the player’s team has 150 points and the enemy has 118. The pie chart in the middle is 2/3 green and 1/3 red, suggesting that the player’s team has control points A and C, and the enemy has control point B.

Can anyone tell who/what the green thing is directly left of ambra in the screenshot? im thinking melka but it is hard to tell

You know what, I think @TheFunfighter is correct. Timer on the screen says the match has been going on for over 11 minutes. So, looking at this again, I have no idea how this scoring system works…

It’s Melka. I could recognize that pompadour from a mile away.


Actually, I think the gameplay of this mode is similar in style to dominion in league of legends. 5v5 in a circular map with 5 capture points, looks like 3 here though. The bars at the top are health bars for a main camp target (nexus in LoL). First team to destroy the enemy’s nexus, wins.

Should be some awesome news tomorrow!


It’s not happening today, the 26th, but tomorrow the 27th.
“… Battleborn streams coming at you starting tomorrow, October 27, 2015, at Noon PST/ 3PM EST … until 6PM PST/9PM EST.”

Woops thanks for catching that. Edited

Looks like we get to see a bunch of streamers play tomorrow! This should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see the shenanigans.

YES!!! I already told my girlfriend not to expect me to be actually here tomorrow between 3 and 9, this just confirms it.

Kinda tired so instead of posting all my theories i;ll post this video.
i made this when 2K posted the announcement. kinda rushed it, because in needed to sleep before my night shift. just got back from work so low on energy so i’m off to bed. i’ll see if i can do a proper analysis later.

The hype is real. I’m going to be all over this tomorrow morning.

gonna be amazing to watch some PvPs of this game, I ll surely check the stream :slight_smile:

And now that I think of it I can’t even watch most of it :frowning: hopefully it gets put up on YouTube quickly so I can watch the rest of it before the weekend… assuming I will be lucky enough to be too busy testing it to watch videos of others playing it this weekend.