Battleborn Streams on Twitch

Hey guys, yesterday i was on twitch an i almost get a Heartattack, there are People who streaming Battleborn !!!
I played in the CTT and im totally hyped for this Game so is there a way to get a Key and play it finally ?!
That would be amazing :slight_smile:

best wishes

Last time i checked there wasn’t even a battleborn category under games, which is sad if you consider that even paladins can be found there and that’s basically Battleborn with halve the budged and contend.

these ppl got keys from developers

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and where is my beloved key :frowning:
im watching the stream right now and its torture.
release date is so far away

its a very big torture but at least its more lets plays

Several people from the press, Twitch streamers, YouTubers and others have been given keys by Gearbox and 2K that give them early access to what amounts to a full copy of the game that we will see upon release. There has been at least 300 given out so far and more being given out. This is all to promote the game before the open beta and before release.


Thanks for the explanation!

Do we know if they are giving out keys for anything specific or just streamers (which I’m not).

only streamers but as you can see a lot of ppl are now giving away keys they dont need

Honestly I’ve only seen one giveaway, are those happening on their streams not from gearbox?

1 here at the forums and this one

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