Battleborn sucking

I can’t win any matches I started off the game playing against max level people on people matching my skill. That is so bull level 1 versus 100s? Seems fair enough to me, not. I’ve been playing for hours to just get kelvin🖕

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Command rank is not an indicator of skill. It is an indicator of time invested. I know a number of players at CR 100 that are actually pretty pathetic players.

Also, if the game only ever tried to match you up with people of similar CR, you’d probably never find a match because most people who frequent the game are already CR 100.

Overwatch does a good job of matching people with similar skill. And overwatch gives you all the characters right away unlike battleborn. All battleborn has is comedy.

I respect your opinion sir. However i think BB will have more of offer if they get their crap together, and even at this point i don’t see how OW is that much better. OW has better balancing, more polish graphics, and bigger budget true. But its really just 3 game mode, on a small set of maps. Without unlocking characters there isn’t much to do in terms of progression in OW.

Its just my opinion, but i have no idea why people like OW that much better than BB. I keep thinking it might have been a different story if GBX and 2k delayed the game another 6 months to a year to iron out all the issues, and to improve the overall experience.

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Overwatch has a much larger population, all of which are focused on PvP exclusively. This allows them to provide close matchmaking quickly because there will pretty much always be people playing and searching for a game within that small ELO window.

The matchmaking isn’t due to bad matchmaking algorithms; it’s due to population issues. If Overwatch had the same population that BB does, they would have the same problems.

Overwatch also has much simpler characters. Character do not level, nor do they have helix mutations or gear loadouts. BB has much more complex gameplay than Overwatch does, which means that it actually works better to gate the more complex characters so that players aren’t overwhelmed.

You might not like it, but the people playing with you are probably happy you’re not starting off with Deande or Boldur, both of which are basically worthless in the hands of the uninitiated.

[quote]All battleborn has is comedy.

It also has PvE. And much more complexity and customization. That first one is a massive draw for a lot of people who enjoy the gameplay but, most definitely, do not enjoy PvP except as a very occasional break.

Overwatch and BB aren’t even really in the same genre. Overwatch is basically TF2 with a larger cast of characters (e.g. a team based FPS). Battleborn is a MOBA that happens to use an FPS instead of a RTS design. The differences are pretty subtle (stuff like game-affecting character customization, leveling, and significantly longer TTK), but they’re enough for the end result to be much different.


Sir you have made some very respectable points. It made think a little differently of battleborn because battleborn was a great idea in my opinion. It’s just about wanting to have fun, but losing like more than 90% of your games isn’t very fun. I know I’m not bad at it but it seems that the opponent’s are all extremely skilled with their characters and my teammates are running around like a chicken
with their heads cut off. It’s very very frustrating for me.

Well most of the time at least, occasionally I get good teammates and its a great feeling even if I lose because it was a good game at least, but even that rarely happens.

Oh, it’s that kind thread…
*puts pants back on

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Well I mean, there’s probably people out there that are into that. Sorry this thread wasn’t for you. Good luck on that :joy: