Battleborn sucks and needs to be fixed

Just tried playing battleborn for the first time today. And man was I surprised at how much it sucks. I loved borderlands and everything gearbox made for the series. But battleborn is a complete let down. And here is why:

  1. Some characters can jump well others can’t. All characters should be able to jump the same.

  2. Melee actions for characters are lame. I know some are supposed to be funny and comical but they are just lame in general.

  3. Having a lives limit sucks. Don’t remember gearbox putting that in any of the Borderlands games.

  4. You can’t aim with some characters. And how the hell is someone like Rath supposed to take out snipers from a distance while dealing with ground enemies?

  5. Having a server time limit is ridiculous. Even failing a mission for not beating the boss before the time limit is stupid. Again, didn’t have that in Borderlands.

  6. You can’t switch back and forth between upgrades on a character. You should be able to acquire all the upgrades and switch between them as needed. Not just be stuck with your choice.

  7. Leveling up only pertains to your command rank not your character. In story mode if you level up a character you should be able to keep that for the next levels and not have to level up all over again. I understand that multi-player is MOBA based and this starting over each match is great for making and even playing field. But when it comes to the story mode it ■■■■■■■ sucks.

  8. Basically you have to play with friends to complete each mission because it’s almost impossible to do it solo because of the time limit. Why even have a story mode if you have to have others play with you to beat a mission?

I was hesitant to get Battleborn after reading the article in Gameinformer and hearing recent reviews of it underperforming. But I played the open beta and got it anyway because I had faith that Gearbox knew what it was doing. I mean look at the Borderlands series. Such a great ■■■■■■■ series. Excellent humor. Excellent characters. Excellent gameplay.

So what happened with Battleborn? Did you totally ignore gamers when making this? Did you ignore the fans of Borderlands? Not everyone likes MOBA based games. Not everyone likes to play online only games. Not everyone likes to have to play with friends to beat a mission. Some people like to go solo. Hell I hoping this was gonna be better than Overwatch because Overwatch didn’t have a story mode and battleborn did.

This was a waste of money. The only way I’m keeping this is if there is a patch to fix a lot of things I’ve listed. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way and has seen these issues.

Who is it you feel like you are having this issue with? Curious.

This sounds like you just subjectively dislike the game. I’m sorry you aren’t having fun.

That being said–this is a new IP and it was announced as an Online game that was not Borderlands 3. So, maybe next time, you shouldn’t set up unrealistic expectations for a game. Maybe that will help.

Hope you have a good day. (:


Sounds more like to me that you bought this expecting it to be like Borderlands, couldn’t get the hang of it and then quit when things didn’t go your way.

This game is a FPS MOBA. It’s nothing like Borderlands or Overwatch. I would say you just need to change your expectations of the game and try again. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it after a few more hours with it.

Also, I never heard of PvE Story missions having time limits. Is this something that’s unique to console players or something?


Seems like you expected this game to be a PvE game with little PvP aspects, instead of a MOBA with some PvE aspects.


I’m not quite sure if this was intended to be a real post or if it was trolling; I apologize to the OP if this was meant to be serious. If so, I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying the game, but it does seem like you were hoping for Borderlands 3 and that’s not what this game is.

Your critiques about what you don’t like about the game seem to be the actual game itself. This is obviously an exaggeration, but it’s almost like saying “I don’t like Forza 2 because I can’t transform into a robot and shoot things like in Transformers”. I’ve sunk more hours into this game and had more fun with it than any other game for the past few years, but to get the most out of it you should be able to dive into both PVE and PVP. I liked it for a while and fell in love after I learned the levels and characters better. Try it some more without the preconceived notions and maybe it will start working for you.


I am 35 years old. I have been around since before the original Nintendo system came out. So I really don’t have a hard time getting the hang of games and all. I have played everything from Destiny, Call of Duty, Borderlands, Super Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy, Lego games, and everything in-between except sports games which I don’t like. So it’s not the fact that I couldn’t get into the game it’s just that certain game mechanics are lame or just suck right off the bat.

As for story missions having a time limit that is new for me. I have played plenty of modern games that do not have a time limit. I have played many games on NES, SNES, GameCube, SEGA, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360 that don’t have a time limit unless you’re doing a challenge mode.

And I don’t think that my expectations were so high since I did say I was hesitant to get the game based on the fact that it was MOBA based gameplay and I knew this going into it. and I knew this was not going to be a Borderlands 3.

My expectations of gearbox are now lower then what they were because the Borderlands games were so great and battleborn has a lot of work to be done to it to draw in the target audience that gearbox wants

Also I am not a big PVP player. I have never had to do multiplayer or PVPas it is known now until I started playing Destiny. I got battleborn to play The Campaign which only has eight chapters to begin with. Nine if you count the prologue and 10 if there’s an epilogue.

Yeah, it really sounds like a lot of your complaints are based on an initial first bad impression, and expecting this game to be Borderlands. It’s not. In BL, the characters had much more similarity in skill and abilities, whereas in BB, they intentionally have weaknesses that you have to compensate for by being part of a team.

Nope. Mobility is a key advantage. Some characters are mobile, others aren’t.

I have no clue what you mean by “lame.” Nonfunctional? I personally love the “funny” melees like Monty’s mighty flick, but considering that many of the characters are melee-primary, the quick melee attacks for characters are not really meant to measure up to those. They’re for space control more than damage.

Have to include some element of challenge in the game. Lives limit in solo play is that challenge. Extra Lives are plentiful on every map, and you’ll automatically reach them by scoring certain points as you go along as well.

You can’t aim with some characters. And how the hell is someone like Rath supposed to take out snipers from a distance while dealing with ground enemies?

Certain characters have unusual projectile behavior, if that’s what you mean by “can’t aim.” Benedict’s rockets require a bit of leading, because it’s obvious his launcher is one of those slow-moving Torgue barrel ones from BL2. As for Rath taking out snipers, he does have Crossblade as a special move. But that’s not his job. Dealing with ground forces and racking huge DPS is his job. I’m guessing you’re probably alluding to the initial snipers in the Algorithm, and with Rath you’re going to need to find a different way to deal with them. Encroach using terrain as cover, move quickly to them, and then kill. Rath’s good at that.

I literally have no clue what you mean by this. I’ve never seen a time limit other than the beginning of Heliophage.

To quote Borderlands, you still can’t Respec except inbetween missions, really. New-U stations are rare in the field. If you pick a crummy talent in BL that you just don’t like, you’re kinda stuck using it until the end of the mission, likely.

It’s 10 levels, and you can easily make all 10 in each story mode. It’s not a major climb. It’s a mission based protocol. If you were locked in, your character would be losing out on a LOT of options. For example, some missions have a lot of Robot enemies with shields. You want to pick anti-Shield helix choices. On a mission against enemies with no/few shields, those skills are basically wasted.

Again, I have no clue what you’re talking about with the time limit thing. I’ve managed to complete every mission solo multiple times, with multiple different characters. The difficulty scales with the number of players in just about all ways. Solo may actually be the easiest way to do missions, when you really get down to it. Maybe 2-man, because then you can at least revive each other (just like in Borderlands.)


If you’re hitting the server time limit on campaign, solo or not, then you’re doing something wrong. Hard to say what without more info.


Well you are entitled to your opinion. I’m sorry that you didn’t like the game. I wish you the best of luck in your future gaming endeavors.

There are plenty of us who knew what this was going in and are enjoying it precisely because it -isn’t- just Borderlands 3. I like the fact that they, at Gearbox, dared to be innovative and create this addictingly fun game for me to enjoy. I am loving both the PvE and PvP. Can’t wait for the DLC.

So far they have delivered a product that I didn’t even know I wanted. I’ve played FPS and I have played MOBAs. But a FPS MOBA hybrid with campy and Gearbox-style humor and a loving attention to detail for such a new IP? Yes, please!

I have complete trust in them that they will continue to try and better the game and draw more people in.



Simply. Battleborn isn’t Borderlands. (As you have found out, haha)

I can understand your disappointment however, it’s easy to be swayed into making a purchase based on something you previously loved, only to find out it wasn’t what you expected at all.

I preordered Battleborn (before playing the online beta) just because it was ‘from the makers of Borderlands’, that’s all I needed for my sale, without even knowing anything about the game.

But once I played the beta, I found out, Battleborn was nothing like Borderlands… My assumptions were wrong, but this was my fault for not researching the game, reading up about it online, etc… I just assumed they would make another similar game to Borderlands because it was in the headline promo for the game.

But because Battleborn isn’t Borderlands, that doesn’t make it bad… It just means it has new things to get used to.

It’s kind of like ones favourite band… They could put out several albums of punk music, and then suddenly they do a pop album… It might not be what one expects, or what is used to, but I wouldn’t say they suddenly become ‘the worst band ever’ just because they decided to try something different… Gotta shake it up every now and then.

Appreciation over expectation - expectation can be such a downer, but appreciation, it’s a goodie, makes life so much better!

If Battleborn isn’t your thing, that’s cool… We all like different games, that’s why there is such variety on the market.

But Battleborn is worth a shot if you can get used to it/overcome your dislikes, until you can get your hands on Borderlands 3! :grinning:


Yeah, a LOT of this. Save for The Heliophage (8th and final story mission), there are no hard time limits in the missions themselves, and I’ve never taken HALF of the allotted server time to complete a mission yet. Some I’m getting done in the 30:00-35:00 range. And I’m only at command rank 25 right now, with NO mastered toons.

If you’re running this campaign solo, it’s just so easy that it’s almost disappointing (some individual missions ARE disappointingly easy).

So if someone’s struggling, someone who (like me) has been gaming since the original Atari, who remembers when ColecoVision and Intellivision were new and high-tech, someone whose first FPS experience was shareware Wolfenstein3D, then there’s some manner of problem here.

OP, I too am a Borderlands fan having played way too many hours on that series :wink: I played the Tech Test & open beta before deciding on a purchase of Battleborn as I wasn’t sure what to expect due to the Moba elements.

I did not purchase as it wasn’t my kind of game. The PvE was the decider as I didn’t like it although I don’t know why you can’t complete the PvE missions solo in the time limit. The 2 missions in the Beta were easily soloable (30 - 40 mins) although the other missions may be harder?

Anyway, I can only suggest you try open betas before purchase especially when you have doubts about a game.

btw, does anybody play Battleborn on PC in Australia. Must be hard with the worldwide PC population?

I look forward to Borderlands 3 as I still believe Gearbox can make good games in the future (no offense intended to the Battleborn fans :slight_smile:

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…Do any real life Sports? Try and toss those hulks who can toss a 16 pound shot with the limber souls who swing on rings. :smile:


It sounds like you’re disappointed that the game didn’t live up to your expectations. I’m very sorry to hear that. But…uhhh…

No, not EVERYONE likes MOBAs. But quite a lot of people do. League of Legends is one of the biggest competitive games on the eSports scene today, and GBX, being the innovators they are, wanted to take a stab at the genre, while putting their own personal touch on it.

I do agree that the game has quite a few issues, and I will agree with you that it has excellent character design and humor (one of my favorite things about GBX), but all of your personal gripes are with fundamental mechanics of the game/characters. There’s nothing wrong with not liking a game, but don’t get angry and upset because the game doesn’t cater directly to you without understanding what the game was intended to be first.

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I always love when people state that they “loved borerlands” like that has some meaning. This. Is. Not. Borderlands. Its an entirely different series.


So, basically you wanted Battleborn to be Borderlands 3?

Personally, I hope GBX doesn’t change anything you listed, because I like Battleborn’s character diversity, skill diversity, and overall gameplay mechanics.

All the BB are not supposed to be the same character with different skins. Heck, even Borderlands had different physics for different characters.

It is too bad you don’t like this game. It is also too bad that it isn’t against the rules to start a thread on the official Battleborn forums titled “Battleborn sucks”. I hope new people don’t come here and think this is true.


Battleborn is amazingly fun. I’ve now spent more time in BB than BL 1+2 put together according to steam. Admittedly, there is a significant learning curve and the prologue doesn’t help all that much. Try spending a bit more time with it before you completely write it off, but it’s possible it just isn’t the game for you. It certainly doesn’t need to be “fixed”.

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Not everyone likes MOBA based games. Not everyone likes to play online
only games. Not everyone likes to have to play with friends to beat a
mission. Some people like to go solo.

There’s your answer, Battleborn is not for everyone.

If you don’t like it, don’t play it, it’s not Borderlands.

It is however, a really fun PvP FPS/MOBA, which is the primary game type.

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that sucks man