Battleborn Suggestion List: The Thirteen Needed Fixes

Thirteen things that I think would fix Battleborn, and make it a much more enjoyable game for everyone:

Disclaimer: if you think this game is the bees knees, and there are no errors in it, great. But if that’s the case this thread probably won’t apply to you and I’m sorry that our opinions differ.

On Story Mode Missions:
1. Reduce Escort: This speaks for itself, and I already made a thread about it, so to avoid beating a dead horse, moving on.

2. More mobs, more awesomeness: Increasing melee mob generation and making it so that if you beat a board on say, advanced (or another step up in difficulty) without losing a single life and getting mostly headshots . . . you shouldn’t get “bronze” as your reward. There should also be a reward to entice you to do it. [If you’re wondering why I’m saying melee mob generation, and not ranged, is because it’s fun to kite and use skill to out maneuver 30 mobs seeking your death. It’s boring as hell to bang your head against the wall because you can’t dodge 50 ballistic artillery rounds in your face. Heliophage master boss taught me that.

3. Stop the knock back bosses: If anyone has played heliophage, they can probably attest to at least 3 frustrating deaths where they spent half the time in the air and died to a knock back that hit them from across the map.

4. Arena map/ perpetually scaling challenge mode: Remember back when people were saying that diablo 3 had no replayability? Then they introduced the “Nephelim Rift”? Yeah. Take a hint from that. No one wants to do literally the same board over and over and over and over again for eterentiy. Well, I say no one, but there is someone. Most people don’t though.

5. Stop Making Impossible Challenges: I can’t be the only one that walks into a zone, starts killing everything, and THEN a challenge appears that is like “kill 20 random dudes,” but there aren’t any left, and you can’t go to the next region because it’s a defense map.

On Lore Challenges:

  1. Make them take longer to earn: I earned the full Rath lore challenge in maybe half a day? Now what? He’s my favorite character but I capped out his lore before I even hit rank 9 on him. Does that make sense to everyone? Knocking out a lore challenge should be a crowning achievement moment, not a “you’ve played 3 missions with this character.”

2. Make them easier to grind: I’m sorry gearbox, but I’m not that good at PvP. Infact, I’m rather awful with aiming certain things. Please don’t punish me because I can’t get first blood every game on ghalt. Also, don’t make a lore challenge I have no chance of farming like “Kill 25 ambra’s” on galilea, when NO ONE PLAYS ambra. I basically have to wait for a team to have an ambra on it, find her and pray I get the kill shot 25 times (Because you can’t let assists count for anything either)? For some people these challenges will be easy, for the rest of us they are a pain in the rear.
Especially ones for players like Whiskey Foxtrot. [Allowing these challenges to be completed against bots would fix most of them].

3. Don’t randomize stats on items that have fixed costs and you can’t get more than once: I shouldn’t have to explain this.

4. Reward a skin we can use in pvp: maybe? Cause who gets to 1800 shards on a single capture match.

1. Organize match making by level: Why is it that a pug team I get on, versus another pug team, is all level 30 plus and the enemy team is level two to ten. Seems kind of rigged, and leaves me feeling bad for the poor guys. We were both pugs too, could have swapped that up a bit. [Consider using a separate PVP level instead of command level, so that people who rose their command level via pve only, aren’t stuck against people who have been pvp’n for days].

2. Reduce “downtime” between games: This is super easy to do. Just shave 30 seconds or 45 seconds off the character select, and ten seconds off the voting time. Bam! I just gained one minute per game played. Might seem like that’s not a lot, but the fact that you’re not doing anything for 30 + 110 seconds can be really frustrating. I’d even do for “randomized map selection” on the outback versus temple parts, because it’d be nice to see a different map every now and then, but 2 people generally vote outback and every one else votes “don’t care.”

3. Allow for the “Vote for Surrender” button when a player leaves: Sat in a game waiting for 3 minutes with 5 people camped outside our spawn a little over a minute into the game after 2 players disconnected. Not fun. Ended my “enjoy battleborn” night. [I understand this will probably require a punishment for leavers so that this function doesn’t get abused. Perhaps a “if you leave a game, wait 5 minutes + until you can join another one.”]

4. Allow a “presetting” of helixs at the beginning: At the start of the map, you’ve got your character but can’t do anything. You’re just wasting time, and no one likes that. However, during the map it can sometimes be very frustrating to try selecting a helix between fights. Seems easy to fix this so we have something to do inside the safe zone before the match starts. “Oh, those are the enemies, I’ll need these helix sets.”

Please feel free to add suggestions too, because hopefully one day gearbox will read their community threads and create responses. Maybe if this picks up enough traction, it will get the attention it needs and my favorite fixes will come into being.

On the other hand, maybe I’m the only one who thinks these are a good idea. Thanks for your time.

Also, if I’m missing something, let me know and I’ll do my best to add it to the list.


This would only encourage people to leave faster. The only thing stopping anyone from leaving is knowing they cant join another match… this will only result in people instantly leaving the minute they are not curb stomping the other team knowing their team will just instantly surrender and they will be able to jump right into another match.

I am for this option if they change the punishment for leavers first. There needs to be harsher punishment for all these guys that just keep leaving games.

Im not to sure what you mean by this?

also you can surrender ive seen people do it

The lore unlocks too quickly, but you want to make them easier to grind? I’m confused

I don’t mind the escorts, but there needs to be a way to heal them while we’re doing so and Wolf’s healing is way too slow and doesn’t heal enough for the cost, especially on advanced.

Totally agree. More than once I’ve ran into a challenge I couldn’t complete because the REQUIRED ENEMY DIDN’T SPAWN! It’s one thing to fail a challenge because, well, you failed, but it’s quite another to fail because you had no way of succeeding.

There’s a discussion about this over in this thread:

Yeah, I see your point here, but it doesn’t seem hard to put a punishment for leavers. A simple “Wait 10 minutes before joining new game.”

There is a difference between easy and quickly.
If I were to ask you to sleep at least a hundred hours over the next three months, you’d probably find that a pretty easy task to accomplish. It’s impossible to fail almost, as everyone sleeps at least four to five hours a day (some people get that magic eight! I’m jealous), so most people would beat the challenge five to six times over, but it would take a while. In fact, it would take at least a hundred hours, if you were able to stay asleep the whole time, and most likely two weeks on average to finish.
This is a challenge that is easy, but takes a long time.
On the other hand, you can have something end quickly but be impossibly difficult. Like beating Usain Bolt in a 100 yard dash. If it was possible, it’d be over in less than a minute, but who can do that?

This is the difference between “Quickly” And “Easy” when it comes to challenges. Montana is a really good example of “lore challenges done right.” Galilea is a perfect example of failure to understand how to build meaningful challenges for players.


Matchmaking should absolutely not be done by level. Command level means nothing in regards to player skill, and the lvl 35 you see on the enemy team could very well be playing his first PVP match. It can be intimidating to see much higher levels on the opposing team, but it really doesn’t indicate their level of skill.


Fair enough. It’s sounded confusing on the OP but I get what you mean now :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to be command level, it could be a hidden (or visible) MMR? But thanks for pointing this out. I’ve put this point in the original post now.

You can surrender, but not immediately. There is a timer that doesn’t let you surrender for a while at the beginning.

And as far as what I mean by that, I mean have the lore challenges reward a skin or something for players who have completed them, giving pvpers a chance to benefit from the largely pvp only lore challenges. People who play capture will rarely ever see 1800 shards in a single game, so giving them a reward for their hard work that they can use without shards seems fair.

Only thing I’m not for is the level thing.
As a PvE player, I’ll be naturally extremely high level, but be a clutz in PvP.

The better solution would be to hide all player levels in PvP, so people don’t let assumptions take control. I don’t want people expecting me to be really good because I’m the Level 31 in a team of newbies, or get afraid of me on the other team and play bad out of pure fear because they see I’m a Level 31.
“Guys I’m a PvE addict, calm down I’ll miss almost all my skillshots!”

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Yeah, this was already addressed. I totally let this slip, but the easy solution is just to have an MMR system like every other game.

I agree with pretty much everything here except, I don’t have a problem with lore challenges being easy to get. They are, in my opinion, just fun little background and I don’t see why they should be tough to get at all. Definitely think you should be able to fight bots to get them because, again, they’re just fun little background that don’t affect gameplay at all. Who cares if people farm bots to get them?

Story missions, especially escort/defense need some work. Knock back bosses killing you definitely needs fixing as well. Some kind of horde mode has already been suggested and my understanding is they’re thinking about it.

The random gear in this game drives me a bit nuts. It is really making it hard for me to plan builds, which is already a tough task as it is. Do I focus on attack damage and attack speed with Shayne & Aurox or do I focus on shields or movement? I don’t know, how does one make these decisions?

I don’t really get about voting for surrender when a player leaves, you can always initiate a vote for surrender whenever you want (well, I think it is disabled early in the match, as it should be). I’d really like for them to consider doing something about leavers. It really sucks to lose a match because you were a man down. Couldn’t an AI step in at least?

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Ha, maybe. It’s just I want there to be “long term” achievements to work towards. Achievements you can see progress on, but dont’ get the first day of launch.

According to the Twitter Q&A that Jythri did today, matchmaking has absolutely nothing to do with command rank.
Which is why there is currently a thread now asking for that indicator to be removed…since it has no bearing on the match making…and can cause some issues. (i.e. people leaving the match because they don’t like the CRs they are seeing)
They are using an ELO system…but there is a range involved…so if you get a match where you’re at the high-end of the range for one group and the low-end for another group…it could be a problem for the low ranged group.
So they are monitoring all this stuff and it’s definitely going to get better over time.

Anyway, just wanted to mention that Command Rank doesn’t have anything to do with the match-making, and perhaps they will just remove that indicator as to not cause confusion.

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The only thing i disgree with is the lore one if you max it out before hitting rank 9 you still have skills to unlock and skins also a new legendary to try on your character lots of things to do. Also are you really telling me once you do the lore you didnt want to play them? If they are your fav you play them because you like to play them yes?
25 battleborn i dont want it to be 3 months and still not tried all their legendaries.

I get where you’re coming with that, that would take a while. I still would prefer something to accomplish with my favorite char, but that’s preference i guess?