Battleborn Suggestion List


As people seem to be creating new threads on the same subjects over and over, I’ve decided to compile a list of the most popular suggestions with links to their most relevant threads. The following suggestions are listed in their general order of popularity…

Suggestion: Character rebalancing

Suggestion: Prevent snowballing and sentry sniping

Suggestion: Improve gear/loadouts

Suggestion: Allow kick vote for AFK/trolls and penalise quitters

Suggestion: Increase field of view on console

Suggestion: Add a tutorial and practice mode

Suggestion: Improve lag (especially for outside US)

Suggestion: Add post game lobby

Suggestion: Improve splitscreen layout

Suggestion: Fix Miko’s beam and minion healing
Suggestion: Add more healing characters

Suggestion: Allow public advanced mode

Suggestion: Nerf M3 Shepherd

Suggestion: Make boss fights more melee friendly

Suggestion: Make minimap easier to read

Suggestion: Tone down effects for better clarity

Suggestion: Allow player to reselect their character until timer ends

Suggestion: Add option to show team health bars always on HUD

Suggestion: More generous time limits

Suggestion: Add a ‘horde’ mode

Suggestion: GUI tweaks, ultrawide/multi-monitor support

Suggestion: Allow helix choices to be automatic

Suggestion: Show base stats of characters

Suggestion: Remove command rank cap to increase game longevity

Suggestion: Add replay options

Suggestion: Make healing stations more tank friendly

Suggestion: Give thumper turrets more health

Suggestion: Add 180 degree turn button for consoles/gamepads

Suggestion: Make enemy units/minions less generic

Suggestion: Patch notes between open beta and release version

My Suggestion: Allow cast speed/look sensitivity on a per character basis

Hopefully you find this helpful. I’ll keep the list updated as new suggestions are made. If you think I missed any please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Playing on Ultrawide and having minor UI issues
Heal Stations change
Character Selection and ReSelection
Incursion - Balancing the Lane Pushing
End of beta 'Official' misery thread (not official) :(
Split Screen Layout
NERF the M3 Shepard in incursion
Game informer video rips on this game
(Silverkhaos) #2

You forgot suggest to toggle third person view especially for melee classes


I haven’t added 3rd person since a GBX mod has said:

I’m only adding realistic suggestions.

(Silverkhaos) #4

The same applies to most of these suggestions though.

Anyways one more. Thought of.

Id like to suggest the ability to sort character select by factions. All jennita whatever’s together, all rogues together, etc.


If you find another example of GBX stating they’re unlikely to implement a suggestion and it is on my list, please let me know and I will remove it.


For the record: I’m not a Gearbox employee.


I gathered you wouldn’t make a statement like the one above without some confirmation from GBX. Does this mean your guess is as good as anyone’s? If that’s the case I may as well add 3rd person to my list.


Well, I think my opinion counts for something. Based on what I’ve read about gbx over the years, most of those as a moderator for them.


Fair enough… :slight_smile:

(chewymangos11) #10

I didn’t see this suggestion or topic anywhere so I’ll post it here. I would like the ability to rename gear loadouts.

(LootHunter_twitch) #11

You can. I’ve been doing this on the PS4. When your in the command centre GEAR menu, you select a loadout, in the bottom right of the screen is the options available.

(chewymangos11) #12

Ahh that’s great and will help me keep my loadouts in order and remember what characters I want to use them for. Thank!

(LootHunter_twitch) #13

Funny you say that, that’s how I named mine: Thorn 1, Thorn 2, Oscar DPS, Oscar Speed, Tank. Once we have lots more to choose from it will help no doubt, but I kinda get used to selecting the same ones now. I think there are 9 slots available though, so if you hadn’t used one for a while or ones with very similar icons it’ll be very handy. :smile:

(Vorpal Talon) #14

Sure you are! Look at your name and comments, it’s all purple and what have you.


Gerabox crew get orange shinies. Mods get purple. And also groupies.


I hope most of the things in this thread get implemented as I think they’re all reasonable but I know realistically they probably won’t. I’ll still buy the game though… :slight_smile:

(Vorpal Talon) #17

Mods, crew, groupies, whats the difference :D? (outside of color)

Also, I’m against the one idea being implemented, the one with knock-ups and pulls cancelling ults. As of now, it takes skill to use your ult, you wait for someone to pop a skill that can interrupt your ult BEFORE using your ult. Otherwise you will have people just jumping into a mosh pits ulting left and right with nothing being able to stop it. Any 2 year old that can push a button could do that.

And to add a suggestion (surprised the thread isn’t on here.), add more story AND string them together. You know, like how Halo, Diablo, Xenoblade, Jak and Daxter and just about every (good) game ever made does it. It keeps players invested and makes them feel like they are working towards something.
I feel like a broken record for constantly bringing this up, but it needs to be if it’s to be changed.
We play the first 2 missions (out of 8…the total) of BB. Mission one: Tossed into fighting ISIC, who is he? Why is he doing what he’s doing? What happens to him when we bring him back to Kleese? Maybe it will be explained in mission 2!
Mission two: There’s a portal that needs closing, hop to it…what about ISIC? Why is this portal open here specifically and not anywhere else? Who are the enemies that will flood through it?
I imagine every mission will just be something random that will have nothing to do with that last and the more I talk about it, the more I don’t want to support this game with my money.
The story was the reason I pre-ordered this game back when it was in CTT, now in Open Beta it feels like it’s slapping me in the face for doing such a thing.


As there seem to be quite a lot of people that have similar feelings to you on this subject, I have removed the suggestion.

However my personal opinion is if you allow any CC to cancel an ult then the ult user should be refunded at least part of their cooldown.

(Vorpal Talon) #19

Thank ya kindly~

That would be neat, but it’s all the more reason why I feel like it should stay the way it is. You SHOULD be punished for using an ult on a whim. If you did get back a portion of the CD and have a CD equipment, you can still be getting your ult back pretty fast just to use on a whim again. I mean what’s more deadly, Rath’s ult lasting the entire duration and waiting for the full CD, or Raths using 75% of his ult’s time, getting interrupted, and being able to use it again withing 30 seconds or so?

Suggestion: PvE Wave defense mode

I see where you’re coming from. :slight_smile: