Battleborn Suggestion List

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This is a great list of topics you have there. I think if the developers read this list of topics they would understand the main feelings of what everyone has been talking about on these forums. Hell even if no big changes come about I would still just be happy that developers saw our thoughts about something that we are excited about playing.

On a side note, i have a discussion post about making a better bug reporting system then a forums post so that way we can get conformation and resolution on bugs that are occurring. I think that would make a lot of people happy as well :wink:


That’s a great idea. I hope they at least have a changelog detailing the changes between open beta and retail.

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One thing I would like to see implemented would be the option to Change your character before the match started. I don’t like how you are locked into your selection even if you have time left in the choose your character screen. It would make it easier for groups to adjust to make a more balanced team. I wrote more about it the other day here. It’s such a simple and useful feature I’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up more.

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I keep meaning too but I’ve been to busy playing until now.

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First of all, I totally respect the effort by Ryballs and I also understand that these are not his personal suggestions. But there is one of them that is totally stupid, not even worth mentioning:

Make boss fights more friendly and there is a couple of threads saying that the final part of ISIC is not friendly for melee characters. I have done the first mission with both Rath and Phoebe. I did not experience a single problem in the final phase of the battle. In fact, the first player is providing a video of him playing using Kelvin against ISIC and he is not even holding down the attack button. What did he expect? To carefully time his hits during the miliseconds he passes in front of the head? He is obviously doing it wrong and therefore giving the wrong feedback. IMO, and totally imo, this shouldn’t be here.

I 'll bash the others I don’t agree with at their respective threads.

(Insanity Engine) #26

Galilea shield needs to make a sound on hit, every other CC’s source is evident (Excluding some effects that cause bullets to slow), but whenever I got stunned by her I was immediately confused what happened to me. A nice big clang lets you know that galilea just smacked you, and as a galilea lets your team know that you got someone.

Isic’s rotating wards helix upgrade that makes them reflect needs to have a visual indicator of him having this. Nothing is more irritating than walking up to an isic to stun him as miko, and being stunned by your own skill because you didn’t know he had “You dropped those”. (Also I feel like it reflecting skills is perhaps too strong…and the fact that it reflects 100% of the time is too strong…and the fact that each ward blocks so much damage is too strong…)


Great idea that seems to have a fair amount of support. Added to list.


Removed the suggestion “Allow ranged attacks to pass through teammates” due to its less than unanimous support.

Added continuous matchmaking and uncapped command rank suggestions.

Redid the order of suggestions to better reflect their popularity.

Added display base stats and healing station suggestions.

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I don’t know if anyone else played split-screen but that screen setup has to go. There is no need to have two individual maps on both screens that take up half of your view. I also found the games to be very unbalanced. I either felt like I was dominating the other team without much effort or that I lost very quickly and really could not do anything to prevent it.


I agree that splitscreen needs to be improved. It could be a toggled transparent overlay. Matchmaking should improve in the retail version.

Added post game lobby suggestion and combined with continuous matchmaking suggestion.


maybe the size is a technical issue, but the info is too little for a map and the boss health. maybe if it had more info, like the gear youve collected, or the character challenges that were recently updated or something like that.

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3rd person perspective is the most absurd suggestion as it would allow for wall peaking and other camera tricks the player should not have as well as most likely requiring large programming changes to the game engine. Changes to the FOV slider are more likely imho.


If PC users have the option of wider FOV then consoles should too.

Will it really make that much of a performance difference?

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My experience in programming is extremely different than that of a video game but I imagine this is a concern. It would be my current understanding if you broaden the view by a certain percentage this means every frame is now rendering additional information, this could be objects, minions, additional strains on draw distance and additional load spikes from particle effects. Shot in the dark that with additional optimizations it will be possible in the future, but with my extremely limited knowledge in this branch of programming I could be easily misguided in these notions.


Added thumper turret health and replay options suggestions. Re-ordered and added new links.

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feels special now


You should feel special since replay tools are a great suggestion, GBX even said so.

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Added more links to fix loadouts suggestion.

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Done, thank you for all your help. Think I spent 6 hours editing this 7 minute video. lol

I added you towards the end Ryballs


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