Battleborn Suggestion Megathread 2.0

As people seem to still be creating new threads on the same issues we had in beta, I’ve decided to again compile a list of all Battleborn suggestions including relevant new links (to be added).

The following suggestions are listed in their general order of popularity. This is a work in progress, please let me know if any of these have already been implemented.

Suggestion: Improve lag/connectivity outside US (particularly Australia)

Suggestion: Fix snowballing and sentry sniping on Incursion - Fixed

Suggestion: Improve matchmaking and hide command rank - Partially fixed then broken again.

Suggestion: Make it harder to surrender - Partially Fixed

Suggestion: Fix the permanently on fire bug in PvE - Fixed

Suggestion: Rebalance PvE, particularly The Renegade, The Archive and The Saboteur - Partially Fixed

Suggestion: Allow retry of defend/escort mission if lives still available

Suggestion: Allow queueing for individual PvE maps - Partially Fixed

Suggestion: Fix characters getting stuck on the environment

Suggestion: Add post game lobby to allow staying with current team - Fixed

Suggestion: Improve split screen layout

Suggestion: Add competitive/ranked mode

Suggestion: Allow vote kick and penalise quitters

Suggestion: Widen field of view or allow adjustment - Fixed on PC only

Suggestion: Improve ■■■■ legendary items or lower their shard cost - Even more broken.

Suggestion: Disable timer on public queue if no players found

Suggestion: Show an duration and stacks for all status effects and buffs (inc. Items)

Suggestion: Add a PvP tutorial and training/practice mode

Suggestion: Fix Miko’s beam button press not being recognised (and other input queueing issues)

Suggestion: Prevent Miko’s beam from targeting minions

Suggestion: Add at least one loadout for each character

Suggestion: Allow public advanced mode - Fixed

Suggestion: Fix gear bugs like broken Friction Fizz legendary - Fixed

Suggestion: Make PvE more melee friendly

Suggestion: Tone down effects for clearer visuals - Fixed for PC only.

Suggestion: Allow player to reselect their character until timer ends

Suggestion: Add option to show team health on HUD and player health under cross-hair

Suggestion: More generous time limits

Suggestion: Add a ‘horde’ mode

Suggestion: Ultra-wide resolution support

Suggestion: Allow automatic selecting of helix choices

Suggestion: Show base stats of characters

Suggestion: Remove command rank cap and provide incentives to play lvl 15 characters

Suggestion: Add replay options

Suggestion: Make healing stations more tank friendly - Partially Fixed

Suggestion: Give thumper turrets more health - Fixed… I think.

Suggestion: Allow cast speed/look sensitivity/loadout on a per character basis

Suggestion: Add a kill cam option

Suggestion: Add quick audio communication (defend, attack, etc) and more ping options

Suggestion: Add end of map victory/defeat sequence

Suggestion: Decrease controller vibration intensity for certain abilities (ie Toby’s gun)

Suggestion: Add unstuck/suicide option

Suggestion: More in-game music

Suggestion: Allow reselect of last helix choice

Suggestion: Allow viewing gear details on other players loadout

Suggestion: Better PC optimisation - Partially Fixed

Suggestion: Allow characters at max level to earn credits in place of XP

Suggestion: Show actual ping time in ms

Suggestion: Weekly challenges and XP/Credit buffs

Suggestion: Ability to lock gear to prevent them from being sold

Suggestion: Story more drop in/out

Suggestion: Quick queue for any PvP mode

Suggestion: Make score actually reflect performance in Incursion and Meltdown

Suggestion: Rebalance PvE enemies (particularly Varelsi Scaven, Ronin Bot, and Thrall Brute)

Suggestion: Custom emotes and voicepacks

Suggestion: Friendly sentry shield notifications in Incursion (75%, 50%, 25%, broken)

Suggestion: Limited item trading

Suggestion: Duplicate cosmetics give card that can be used to obtain unowned cosmetics either via trade or some other means

Suggestion: Upgradeable turrets in PvE

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Only thing I could add is a kill cam. Otherwise, perfect!


Thanks. Added your suggestion.

A field of view slider for consoles.

Increase field of view for consoles was already in there but I changed ‘allow FOV adjustment’.

The most important change I think definitely needs to be allow others at the character select countdown to see you spinning on the spot. Why can we spin if others can’t see us spin? It’s practically an outrage.


add chroma skina for our own customization

I need this too

Relocate Australia to between Hawaii and California. Boom, connectivity issues fixed. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to relocate a landmass? Abu Dhabi made their own islands, ffs!


man now that you mention, a chroma skin akin to the gold ones would be neat!

Thanks for the input but I’m waiting for tier 2/3 before adding any skin suggestions.

Ah yeah sorry that was a little topic derailing, i wasn’t making a suggestion, just an observation that it would certainly be cool :sweat_smile:

But I’d really like more ping options, like there are in Killing Floor 2 for example. Now there’s only one ping, and when people use it I have no idea what it means. And I cant actually see it anywhere on my screen either most of the time, I just hear the sound it makes. It does make me check the situation of the other lane (meltdown) but most of the time I’m just left confused. What did they want? :confused:

Also, a way to communicate and party up with other people without having to add them as Friends or using another site out of game. Like a Global Chat. Though I think an after match lobby (as already suggested) could also work.

Added your ping suggestion and also quick chat as I remember someone on beta asking for that too.

I would add that they may need to look into how health vs damage taken scaling is handled when it comes to defensive objectives (ex. Protecting Shield Generators for Saboteur Story Mission). It honestly felt like two-manning the mission has a higher chance of success than going in with a group of 3 or more. I’m also curious as to what the failure rate is for that mission as well.

Tone down the amount of controller rumble generated when fully charging Toby’s railgun (I play on Xbox One). I’ve read one post on this forum about someones rumble feature going awry because of it.

Lastly, Boldur’s NPC for The Experiment Story Mission needs to have his pathing fixed when the mission starts and he needs to go up the stairs to the Observatory.

Generally, make the missions beatable for groups of five.

Also, expand servers to cover regions like South and Central America, Oceania and SEA, The Middle East, West Europe, etc. That will help a lot of people be able to play with more people.

Optimize your damn game.

That is all.

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I think the victory and defeat sequences need to be spiced up a bit. They are too silent and awkward specially after playing a tough 30 minute match on incursion. The game just goes silent sometimes and previews an empty battlefield. (Except for meltdowns animation of course) But I want something like the intro’s, something hero-esque and badass.

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How about fix getting stuck in places on PvE maps or add a “Unstuck” option or a suicide option.

How about not having to restart a mission from the beginning after having an objective destroyed during a protect/escort mission? this is especially frustrating when you have several lives to burn.

Communication rosette! This game desperately needs it. I only require “help”,“attack” and “retreat” commands. Overwatch has it,and it’s not near as complex as battleborn. The pings are barely visible among all the effects and it’s hard to hear them too,especially on meltdown with the constant dingdingdingdingding