Battleborn suggestion

i think it would be an amazing feature if you could trade or sell your gear to the friends in your lobby i realise that its a chance thing but it seems more team focused if you could help give your team the gear that they need to help satisfy the role they are playing like if i have a yellow shield piece and my friend has a yellow crit piece, i could trade him so my crit dps is better and his tankability gets better, just my thoughts

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I’m sure there are plenty of these requests. I know I want it, and I’m pretty sure trading will help people quite a bit. It’s the missing half of the cards that we need.

I want trading so I can get rid of some gear I don’t want/use. I’ve gotten quite a few legendaries that I never use and just sit in my inventory. SOMEONE should be able to use them…

Trading is just going to introduce more problems into the game and make the community a lot more toxic. People will start trading items for real money creating a black market for the game and that’s not something I want. I don’t want to see the game flooded by people playing just so they can sell their gear to anyone who will pay for it. Not to mention a lot of those people will get scammed. I just don’t want a marketplace of any kind in this game because of the problems it will create.

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Or you could just trade the Borderlands 2 way. Group together and pick out what items you want to trade, and the other guy does the same. No real money, no scamming, no marketplace, just trading with friends.

I’ve always hated trading.

“Hey, that’s a sweet gun.”
“You want it?”
“You bet!”
“Alright, let me upload my character will quick and I’ll give you a copy”.

I like to have nice stuff in games, and I put work to get them. To have somebody say “Can I have one?” is so annoying. It takes away the happiness you get from being a special snowflake.

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