Battleborn Switch?

INB4 “Battleborn didn’t do a lot of sales so probably not” ( I WANNA DREAM!)

Nintendo released a new trailer for their new consoles, the nintendo Swtch. I noticed how you can detach it and play split screen with your friends when you go to a party…

Just saying, i’d love to show Battleborn splitscreen to someone who never even heard of the game before so… Gearbox? Any interest of a potential port when it goes Game of the year edition?

Gives cute Toby eyes


I briefly wondered as well. Just checked and they’re not on the list of publishers, so it’d be somewhere down the line it ever happens


Ya so GBX isn’t going out of their way to develop for it, but if 2K wanted to port Battleborn, or Borderlands or whatever, GBX or a third party would do that.


Yeppers. I don’t expect a Battleborn port though. Battleborn 2, Id say yes (there will be one, don’t make me fight you). Borderlands, eh. I don’t think the market is there. That’s not the kind of game people buy a Nintendo system to play IMO. I mean that as in a game with a very mature sense of humor

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Battleborn has the potential to be whatever it wants. I truly believe that. It’s just a matter of it actually happening


Mr.Pitchord says this about the Nintendo switch.

It won’t replace my home systems, but I am VERY excited about a big screen portable from Nintendo with their best first party games.

Can we deeply read into the caps on “VERY” and hope for a portable battleborn? Idk but I’ll use some wishes on it.

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I’d pray and forgive Pitchord of all past sins if he does this…


“Stop waiting for the Battleborn players to come to you, take your game and go to them!!” ~ Potential Nintendo Switch campaign to sell Battleborn :confounded:


Ooooh, that could definitely be a thing. Fits with the whole multiplayer vibe that Battleborn has - I’d love to see this happen.

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Huh, local Battleborn matches could be interesting. They’d have to implement offline play though for it to be viable. Borderlands would do much better, as it could connect to others without end for Internet and be played on the go

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Take Two is on the list, owner of 2K and rockstar :wink:

But Battleborn could work on a nintendo system.

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They have to switch graphic settings to potato in order to run Battleborn on something portable.

I think many would care more about the hit on green bars as opposed to frame drops.

Does wifi affect ping this much? I compared ping from my PC and my phone, the difference was about 100 ms.

It really depends on your setup. For some there is quite a noticeable difference in connection quality especially with consoles. There’s also the thought of playing off of Free WiFi…

give me borderlands trilogy on the go and I’m in

I’m not saying it’s a strong chance but we haven’t heard any tech specs yet. It may be very powerful. The portable portion does appear to be the main console so I doubt a company with Nintendo’s reputation and recent history are going to make a portable that can be played on tv. It seems more like a console that is portable.

Eh… While “powerful” is quite relative term, there is no magic in electronics happen these days because the competition is intense.

It may be powerful, yes. But only at the cost of instant overheating and draining its battery in a few minutes. And the price too. All these portable devices revolve around a compromise point between power, battery life, screen quality, price and heat dissipation. Also weight, but it’s not important for that one console, I suppose.

So i did read all the horse power of the SWITCH is build into the screen.
The docking station does not boost CPU/GPU.
The Nintendo SWITCH runs on a custom nvidia Tegra chip which has similar performance as the current Geforce 1060. So that’s a good thing.
Tegra chips are designed for mobile devices. So hopefully the batteries won’t drain that fast when you are on the go.

Nintendo had deeply disappointed me with the Wii, but HOLY ■■■■ - this thing looks amazing!


Not sure if Battleborn would really be a title for the Switch though, the PvE-part maybe, but PvP…not sure.