Battleborn Tap complete reset

Hey guys,

got anyone of you the same problem - my complete progress was reset. Now i have zero battleborn, zero gear. How to fix this?

This is an issue for me as well. I had put a lot of time in and stayed well with in top 100 on android. Any way to recover what’s lost?

Yep happened my 3rd day with the app when i had prestige’d at stage 50 and had gone back up to stage 70
After that I decided there was no point in continuing.
Deleted it, besides the skin there was no other reason to have it, so after it just reset my progress i just decided to get rid of it.
Shame since for a free app game it was pretty fun, but i tried everything to get my progress back, nothing worked so either start over or give up i guess.

That really sucks, I’m sorry for your guys unfortunate luck. I would suggest emailing concerning the issue but I doubt there’s much that can be done for that kind of issue. :frowning:

I got hit by the reset, and i was a level 6 with 5 prestiges under my belt.

It’s a save file corruption bug it seems. Happening alot.

Can someone help for this?

I got hit by the reset bug too. Lost 4 days of progress.