Battleborn Tap Discussion

Doesn’t seem to exist yet so why not?

I personally love the game, wish though that it had come out earlier. But that’s besides the point.

Up to round 71 right now, I prestiged twice at level 30 and realized once I didn’t get Rath that I didn’t have to keep doing that, soooooo I like my current build of

Oscar Mike

bought in that order .

So I will ride it out until I hit 5 stars on the one achievement about how far you go.

Where you guys at on it?

I have earned enough coins to buy two epic packs, I got a legendary in a free pack for Thorn. I have three artifacts two at level two. Everything seems to be going real good! My new thing is to just let them duke it out and set my phone down until boss fights lol.

It’s fun, I’ve certainly tapped away…

But my only dislike is having to connect it to the games centre (Apple)…
I don’t really want to use it that way, I just like having the app on my main screen, click, and play…

But in order to Aquire the shift code stuff (skins, etc to come), I need to connect it to the games centre… so sigh… Wish it was just an email set up, like login and password, and the bonuses could be emailed out or something…

But, that’s just me with that pickle I guess… So I dunno how often I’ll come back to it if I can’t get the ‘in game’ goodies another way (without games centre, ugh!)…

For now it will be a side thing, PS4 main game it will mostly be for me.

Hate apple center much? Lol

I mostly play it at work lol

I don’t get this game. There’s no information on how to do anything, like unlock battleborn, swap your current team for other battleborn, wtf prestige even is, how to level up command rank…

I don’t even bother tapping away most of the time because of how pissy little damage you put out compared to your heroes. I know it can be upgraded but level 2 tap power my dmg is 3.92K. OM at level 2 is at dps 180K. More of a set’n’forget kind of game IMO. Might fight a boss and manually use ults every now and then.

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You have to reach round 30 to get prestige, the first time you prestige at 30 you rank up to 2 which gives you Montana. But if you prestige at 30 again it does not give enough experience to go to rank 3. So best off getting montana, using him first, get miko so you don’t have to do revives, and then whatever dps you want at that point. You can leave the game, come back and retrieve currency but they do not progress in waves.

At round 72 or so now (soooo much health takes forever) if I prestige should get me to rank 4 I assume.

The problem with prestiging is you start ALL THE WAY OVER.

So only do it when you have time to catch up again. But honestly there’s an achievement based on your max rounds, I’d just max that to star 5 and then prestige.

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That didn’t make any sense until I just hit level 30 and did the prestige thingy lol thanks! I think I get it now

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I have an iPad, so I’m not entirely an apple hater, haha…
just not fond of having to link everything the way they enforce…
My mobile (cell phone) is still an old school flip phone, no camera capabilities or social media, so I don’t get too distracted by the technological world…
But can’t live without my ps4!


For those not used to idle/tapping games, prestige often. The cubes you get can be used to buy artifacts that make you more powerful.

If you don’t, you will find that going higher in levels takes forever. Sure starting over seems daunting, but with bonuses you get back to where you were in a fraction of the time.

It seems counter intuitive, but you will notice how much more powerful you get.

Don’t forget to upgrade those artifacts either. A good rule of thumb is to upgrade until the cost is around the same as a new one, then get a new one.

I think I’ll only prestige on weekends due to job restraints, but good advice! Thanks!

so when you get duplicate gear it turns into scrap, but what the heck is scrap used for?

To upgrade the gear. If you click on your battleborn and look at the gear they’re wearing you can upgrade with scrap

oh dang, thanks for letting me know

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I downloaded Battleborn Tap as soon as I heard about the gold Orendi skin (as she is my main character) and I just kinda got sucked into it. I just recently uninstalled clash royale and I needed something to take its place and this was it.

I currently run:
Oscar Mike
Whisky Foxtrot
and my 5th doesn’t really matter atm so I just use Orendi (Phoebe and Galilea work well too)
I choose the first four because all of their ultimate abilities can damage multiple waves of enemies instead of just clearing one boss. It makes rounds go by way quicker.

My highest round is 75 which I’ve reached and prestiged after twice but overall I’ve already prestiged 20 times usually around 50~ waves.

Off of all the artifacts I’ve gotten and the gear bonuses my damage bonus is 2,400% :0

Now I patiently tap away in hopes of events or something to gain skins and stuff for Battleborn.

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The game seems fun but I am unable to play it like most as I have a kindle so it would be nice to have it on the Amazon app store since I can only get it via apk download via a third party store app.

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Maxed Prestige, unlocked all the characters, I purchased $20 of credits and got some loot packs then got to level 130+ game crashed and deleted all my progress and restarted from scratch so im out $20 and have to re-unlock everything. Bad game design people.

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Downloaded the game, played the last few days, unlocked everyone, cleared about half of all the challenges…

then the game crashed and my save was wiped

I didn’t spend any cash on the game but the invested time i spent playing the game feels wasted now. I’m sad

besides that I like the app, especially because I could play the game without spending money and get a feeling of accompliment … now if only my saved progress was still there


Shoot man, I thought this was the one thing to redeem GBX after the crapshoot game they delivered us and it’s crashing and wiping data?! Ridiculous!

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Okay I have the Battleborn Tap on my IPad and works great and I enjoy the game but this the third time Battleborn Tap has crashed on me while playing and forced me to restart from the beginning again. Please look into this and fix it. That is stupid and annoying if it happens again that is going to be removed from my iPad. :expressionless:

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It’s a tapping good time.
Hope they add more exclusives to Tap for Battleborn. Like “Hit prestige 5 for exclusive skin for X”.


I have been playing this for a long time, a lot of time spent in it, but it doesn’t matter what I get, the common pack, rare pack, or the legendary pack, I can’t seem to get one item, and that’s for thorn, it’s really making me angry since it’s one of the achievements. Also the game has been crashing on me a lot, hasnt wiped my file yet.
I just seem to be getting the same items over and over again, I keep getting the same purples and oranges and Commons and greens, rarely does it upgrade, and it doesn’t seem to be getting that item for thorn, I have the shards per hit and the attack speed, missing the other one, if only I could buy it for like 300 scrap

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