Battleborn Tap Discussion

Well you can upgrade a purple for 500 scrap…

This is really Amazon’s fault and why I never bought another Kindle.

I play in my iPhone 6plus and never ever have an issue. Ever.

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Yep. Crashed and erased everything. My precious, precious time :sob:

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I’m on level 113 now. Once you max level you prestige for cubes to upgrade and buy artifacts that significantly boost your characters and tapping power. Higher level bosses beaten and characters level give more rewards. The higher level you get before prestige the better the rewards. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s worth it for better artifacts.

Freaking bought an epic pack and it forgot to give me an epic item! Gave me three rares, 1 uncommon, and a couple of common! Dirtbags!

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is there any shift codes for android?