Battleborn Tap® improvement ideas

those last time I play a lot of Battleborn Tap® and I thougt of some ideas:
-If you need money delete one of your active Battleborn and get refund of ~75%;
-You can put all the Battleborn at the same time and not only 5 but increase ennemy damages,etc…;
-Create a Battleborn Galery in game to see the skils or the Battleborn with an animation.
Comment to say if you agree/disagree and precise.

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This may work better in the Battleborn Tap discussion

That being said - I would totally dig a gallery to look at the abilties and specifics of gear of each Battleborn without having to roll them into the party first.

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I have played a whole lot of Battleborn Tap, mostly because I am hoping it all will result in some neat skins in the game proper. I unlocked all the heroes in the first week and have since unlocked around 60/75 achievements (they all have 5 ranks). So, you could say I have played a lot. It basically is something I check when I can, like between actual Battleborn matches.

My main gripe is that, well, there is absolutely no strategy or skill in the game. None. It is all about just grinding enough shards so you can kill the stage’s boss within the time limit. If you are too weak, you cannot, and you just grind longer until you can.

Fundamentally, the game is the pure definition of a time killer. You can mash the screen for hours and mostly upgrade randomly and achieve the best results. Just save your ultimate abilities for bosses so you can burn them down and that is about the only strategy you need at all.

They could have made something so much more, like a mini-RPG or collectible game, but instead made the simplest game possible. At least it looks nice, well done there, honestly. But as for improvements I think they need to inject some thought into the game because I am almost certain the only reason anyone played was to unlock the gold Orendi skin, and the only reason people continue to play is in case there are more.

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