Battleborn TAP: In Game Unlocks List

Is there a list of what we can unlock from Battleborn tap? or is just the 1 gold skin for Orendi currently?

And if that’s the case. That really sucks.

The tap game is literally just one of those trashy mobile games that give u a fraction of currency to WATCH ■■■■■■■ ADVERTISEMENTS. And mash the screen until it breaks.

Hugely disappointing considering how awesome the main game is.

I think it is just a skin.

Hugely disappointing considering how awesome the main game is.

It has some nice little art and maybe there is some lore or something in there… What more can you expect from a free app?
It’s just a marketing app to draw those in that are browsing the free game section in the mobile stores.

Ye, I’m pretty sure if there was more they would certainly tell it on this page (I browsed through and saw no hints to more unlockables than the golden skin for orendi)

ya i guess your right. i dunno. was kinda hoping for unlocks in game. skins etc. but your right. what can one expect?

Who cares?
The main game is all you should care about really. The mobile games are no where near as important as the main/core genre and having any expectations of it is just you self defeating.

I gets your a free gold orendi skin, thats all that matters.

Bored on the bus/waiting room but can play the real Battelborn? play the mobile one and get over it.

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I’m already rank 6 in the game lol. Hopefully there’s something good later on. Skins plz!!!

How do you rank up in the game? I am still only rank 1!

Prestige after stage 30.

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First off, don’t bother upgrading the player tap attack. It seems way more useful to upgrade your heroes so they can fight for you.

The ads don’t bug me. I click play and look away for 30 seconds which I’m doing of a lot of anyhow because the heroes can do a lot on their own. This is more of a “let your guys fight for you” type of game. Less micromanagement. Sure it’s not for everyone but I enjoy it.

When it comes to a boss fight I get involved and activate supers. I also upgrade damage and health of course. It’s fun to see your DPS climb and your shards increase, even while you’re offline. And then get loot and prestige to improve even further.

I also feel like I’m learning the characters a little faster because I have it in this portable format.

Also, as game structures go, especially freemium ones, this one is top tier. It rewards you for both being offline or online. The “timers” in this case are really just your supers and I tend to use them mostly only on bosses anyhow. Unlike timers in… hayday or something that make you come back hours to days later.

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Just wanted to point out that on the link you provided it says “Unlock exclusive rewards for Battleborn on PS4/Xbox One/PC” and then it goes on to mention Orendi’s gold skin as well.

If any of you are familiar with Evolve and their mobile app I’m expecting something similar where they will introduce week long or week end events sometime in the near future, hopefully.

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Well, “rewards” is plural so it could be you’re right. However, if it is just the Orendi skin the sentence is technically still sound (yet misleading) since they mention the ps4,Xbone and pc… So technically there are three versions of the golden Orendi skin to be earned.

Fingers crossed I guess.

True I didn’t think about “rewards” as the same reward on multiple platforms.

However, 2k published evolve and battleborn, both have apps with simplistic gameplay tied into the full game and the evolve app had occasional events which offered exclusive skins so hopefully battleborn tap has something similar. Once again, hopefully.

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I would imagine that in the future they would do something like suggested above with new unlocks for the main game etc.

well according to there page they say about the gold skin and then separately say exclusive unlocks for Xbox and PC from the app


I’d recommend reading all of the posts on the thread before commenting :slight_smile: