Battleborn Tap Issues

Fun game but every time I watch an ad for rewards it crashes/freezes. Once I close out of the ad to collect the rewards it freezes at the collect screen. I have to force close the game which also makes you lose out on the rewards.

Using Galaxy S7 Edge.

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unlocked all characters and cleared half of all challenges without spending money just wasting a lot of time. Today the game just crashed and wiped all my progress.

Nice game, but buggy as hell. Wont grind again to unlock the stuff

Xperia Z1

Wow. I just started playing today early this morning and prestige to level 9. If my stuff wipes I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

I wasted a lot of time between prestige resets to clear the longest challenge missions like reaching level 40,60,80 aso.

Took a lot of time to grind and level up all artifacts so It is a big letdown.

The Orendi Skin was really nice … I just wish I would have unlocked something else for the real game before my progress got annihilated. As far as I know tough, the Orendi Skin for linking shift accounts was the only ingame unlock until now trough BB Tap

Another bug I experienced:
I couldn’t acess the level menu for leveling my battleborn team during one session.
The touchepad didnt register the button. Outside of the game the touchpad worked fine tough.
Restarting my phone helped

Having the same problem with the screen freezing after watching the ad… Sadly…

Same issue here, using a TFE Citrine… I’d be mroe than happy to use the adds and get the little perks there, as well but just freezes. Any knowledge on a fix for this for Androids?