BattleBorn Tap Leveling

I downloaded and started to play 7 am this morning and literally haven’t stopped. Its now 8 pm…and I max prestige. Geez I need friends. Now that I am maxed, is there characters I should stick with? Or stick with the characters that have the highest gear?

Is there a way to see the item description that’s equipped to each character?

I’ve been on many forums over the years…this is by far the most confusing forums I ever been on. lol.

Hiya…In the game click on each character, you can get a really good overview of everything about them and their skills.
btw When this game released I had one meal in 3 days, and I use a Standing Desk, so I was exhausted. :slight_smile:

thank you very much.

My issue is that so many of the characters seemed like… clones.

I mean, the ultimates only came in 2 flavors - do a gigantic burst of damage that can last just one wave, do a smaller amount of damage that can persist through a few waves.
Also, as far as the skills they do on their own, almost all are just large damage outputs. A few exceptions, such as Meko’s heal, or Oscar Mike’s stealth - but that’s it…

Many of characters seem like clones ? Are we playing same game ?

I failed to notice any real difference between a lot of them, particularly their “ultimates”.

I also did not find leveling the Battleborn to be very beneficial - leveling up your own “tap attack” just does SOOO much more damage… >_<