Battleborn Tap - Phoebe.... and Accuracy

I really love her - both in BB and in BB-Tap… “Run awaay, run away from the little giiirl.” Phoebe is amazing… :smiley:-

  • Yet I find her underwhelming/ weak in Battleborn Tap compared to the other BBs… I mean her ulti is really nothing compared to:
  • Miko’s (Huge damage, AoE, DoT, relatively decent CD)
  • Galilea’s (long CD,but also AoE, DoT and HUGE Damage)
  • Mellka (Nice AoE Damage 3x on a VERY LOW CD)
  • Whiskey Foxtrot ( Amazing “PewPew Power” for a LONG Duration and on really low CD)
  • Phoebe’s ulti has a relatively long CD (Longer than Mellka/Whiskey but shorter than Galilea’s)
  • Duration - is also pretty Mehhh: 5 seconds compared to Galilea’s 8 seconds or Whiskey’s 12 seconds
  • Damage - is also mehh: 1x damage compared to Whiskey’s 2x damage or Galilea’s 2x damage… :frowning:
  • An other thing that should/cold be removed from Battleborn Tap is “accuracy/missing” hits…
  • For slow attackers like Phoebe/Galilea/Thorn/Benedict it is extremely annoying when they prepare their attacks…then MISS…then they prepare their attack again… to MISS AGAIN… Sometimes it really happens 3-4x in a row meaning that they deal no damage at all for 6-10 seconds… :S
  • Even more annoying is when Benedict waits for his ultimate for 8 minutes or thorn for 7 minutes and then they miss the burst damage ulti entirely… :S
  • Missing attacks for slow attackers is a bad/anti-fun concept… IMHO :frowning:

Burst damage ultis are pretty trash in TAP anyway, no point in wasting a character slot for the characters that have one.