Battleborn Tap - Progress Reset

(Lee Robertson) #1

I have seen a few other people posting about this, so I feel like I should speak up too. I don’t know how many people are exactly experiencing this bug, due to the lack of posts about it, but myself and my girlfriend have both had our Battleborn Tap games reset our progress.

Neither of us had purchased anything with real money, but we had prestiged a good few times and were enjoying the game, so it was very annoying having our progress vanish.

We didn’t do anything, to our knowledge, to make the game reset and this is the only mobile game we have actually experienced this with. For me, I was playing the game and tabbed out of it on my phone, keeping it running while I did some other things on my phone, after a little while, I tabbed back into the game, the loading screen booted up and then when the game had started, I was met with Nova giving the tutorial.

I’ve seen some people saying send support tickets or Gearbox/2K to get this fixed, but that they were given some free loot packs and an apology. Just wanting to make this post so that any other people experiencing this can voice it here and hopefully Gearbox/2K will look into it.


(LastDarkness) #2

Happened to me after I purchased $20.
2k send me two epic loot packs thats it so i had google play refund me.

I see this post ALOT, seems to be save game corruption bug so the game makes a new file.


(Lee Robertson) #3

Have 2K said anything about the issue other than giving the packs to people? If it’s happening a lot then it’s not the user’s fault, it’s something on their end that would need fixed ;-;


(Hyoryusenbi) #4

2k needs to fix this crap…


( #5

Any update on this? I really liked this game but am scared to start again after all my progress was wiped


(Lee Robertson) #6

Nope, not seen anyone mention anything about the issue being solved.