Battleborn tap tip

Thought I would leave some information here that I found on the internet concerning character choices.

Miko, Rath, Galilea, and Ghalt make for a good team once they are unlocked due to each character having a damage over time ultimate that will help you tear through levels quickly in combination with tapping. Also Miko’s heal is a nice bonus too.

I haven’t found a suitable fifth member just yet but hopefully I will soon.

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Oscar Mike?

Benedict. Has shard gain items and high damage

I’ll have to look into both. Might have forgotten if Oscar Mike has a damage over time and I normally don’t use Benedict.

I run Whiskey Tango, his ult comes up super fast and lasts VERRRY long, it falls off when he’s under-leveled, but he’s also great for high ROF. Lasts longer than Ghalt’s.

And I run Montana too, he doesn’t have a long lasting ult, but his basic attack high ROF lets him constantly push, plus I like having one “burst” ult that can wreck a high health boss late-game.

Miko, Gal, and Rath are pretty much must haves though.

Mellka gets insanely quick cooldown on her ult. Like, under two minutes, one minute with legendary gear.

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I’ve never tried whiskey tango but I’ll have to check him out. Thanks! I may go back to Montana again as a 5th

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Orendi, once in a while she stuns the enemies giving your players when your thumbs are tired to regroup when some are dead and others are alive to then fight on

I always start with Rath to Galilea for quick clear especially in later runs.

Then I add in Miko for more damage.

However, for the past 2, you will want someone with a huge damage ult. Husbirdo has one of the strongest ult. Another one is either Orendi or Thorn with me going for Thorn because she has Shard-on-hit gear.

Why 2 huge damage? because after stage 100, even with currently 4300% bonus, you will need BOTH of them to kill the bosses right away and after 120, you need to start tapping too.

However, judging from all the prestige run, I might need 3 damage ult instead if I want to clear 135+

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Has anyone tried all one hitters? I understand knocking out mobs fast is great but can you build up one hitters to kill on the first hit? This game progresses like a tap style progressive but late stages seem way more team vs team.
Take my opinion with a grain of salt I’m only on 4th reset and have only broken lvl 75. 777% bonus haven’t figured out my favorite team yet, Rather and Miko though are my go tos. Oscar Mike seems bland including his Ult. I liked Montana and melka tho.

I pretty much don’t even tap after like level 10 :stuck_out_tongue:

I mainly run 3 DoT 2 Hitters and it works fine for me and I already finished the last rank of Prestige quest too and got to stage 130.

Rath is the best one for early breezing with his spin.
Galilea is the best one to use when you reach a certain “spike” in damage after leveling the character. Her ult is a better version of Miko but for more CD, pretty much.
Miko does decent and is there for another DoT option.

This works like a breeze until about stage 100 where I start having to wait for cooldown and ult on the boss. Currently just getting to stage 100 and prestige over and over for Mythstone to unlock the artifacts now.

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I’ve read a lot of your posts on here and would agree. Miko has better equipment on mine then rath so his ability does about as well, just not as quick. I’m probably fly through 60 and reset a few times. Exponential difficulty growth is a B.

The top stat on gear is dependent on the character being in battle but don’t let gear make your decision for you because you get the damage buff for all gear.

So I am not the only one that have real hard time at 125+ stage even if I have almost 7k% bonus. I was thinking if there was a bug in my account. I wonder how there are people who reach 300+ lv.

Anyway my favorite team is Galilea, Rath, Miko, Benedict and Whiskey Foxtrot with that order for fast runs.

I hate Orendi because her ultimate hit only what is in front of her.