Battleborn Team: OaSis

Updates are being made to OaSis as Battleborn will soon be fully released. This includes a new name!

What even is Kik?

On which Plattform will u guys Play ?

PlayStation 4

Ok cool Same here :slight_smile: i registered at kik my name is OasisBorrnie

Yes you are right. What do you mean by pick a faction where do I find this in the settings?

You can learn more about the five factions here:

Ah in battleborn a faction :smile: I was looking in kik^^
I choose eldrid :wink:

I think my name in kik is boernie roosen

I see it, thanks!

But why can’t I find you guys? Can u add me to a group chat or something ?

We will create a group chat, and add you to it, when we get 1 more member

Add FaveV

Choose a faction

LLC faction

You will be OasisFave [LLC]


Can I join Oasis? My kik name is BBMK1, i would like to be in the rogue faction.

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Yo, my name is kyxsune rogues please.

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I’ll add you all to the chat tonight.