Battleborn teammates needed

I’m on Xbox one and my gamertag is PureProductz. I’m looking for players who like to communicate when they play. Just trying to find players who actually strategize rather than spread away from the team and just die. Currently focused on completing story on advanced. ESPECIALLY HELIOPHAGE. I’ve attempted numerous tries with randoms and it’s just not working for me. Once rendain comes out the second time and all those damn thralls come out its a failure everytime. Add me if you wanna play. Xbox one: PureProductz

sure im game gt Mr Caldarius

I’ll add both of you guys. My gt is SCROTUMRAPTOR69

I’m new to the game but I play smite and know how mobas work but there is no communication why I play battleborn my gamer tag is acidhead2011 I would like to join your team if I could please.

I’m game gt XxDemonSlicerxX

Nice necro lmao

Ok well I’ll add you as a freind today.

I’m Bad king Dread88 add me ill add you I’ve done that mission twice u need a healer and Im your guy