Battleborn: The saltiest community ever

At least 75% (probably close to 90%) of any match I play lasts 10 minutes at most and I barely even get to use an ult anymore because of salty people constantly surrendering. So what if you’re losing, you can still play well if your team loses. If you suck at the game, you’re not going to get any better surrendering to good players as you’ll never figure out how to out-play anyone. If everyone surrenders at the closest sign of losing, then when you’re winning the game, it will be cut short by the other team surrendering. Thus, no one really has any fun. It’s ridiculous that I spend more time waiting to play than actually playing the game.

Remove freaking surrenders until there is actually a competent system in place to stop people from abusing the mechanic.


if they remove surrendering then you’re are stuck with people disconnecting and leaving teams with 1-3 less people. Yeah it’s not fun playing for a few minutes and having the match end but removing the option might cause more harm than fix things.

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Cough Destiny Cough


True. Imagine there was no surender option. 3 of 5 people want to leave, but cannot vote.
So they either stand in a corner doing nothing, or, even worse, they start to kill themselves out of pure spite. Saw that alot in PvP & PvE.

I think the genuine toxicity and the vast majority of surrendering could be caused by the age rating. Its a PG 12 rated game.
So we get loads of kids and those are (naturally) immature. Because they are kids in the middle of puberty. They want to kill & win and most important curse loudly over mics so everyone can here they are not older than 14.
At least thats what I think.
(Sorry to all okay & great kids out there, I had rather bad experiences with young players…)


Got my worst series of matches ever since the beginning today. I don’t think I did a single full match 5v5, always at least one person missing, and that’s not even accounting the people leaving matchmaking for god knows what reason ( we know, tho : either a level 100 who saw a single digit level in their team, or a single digit seeing a level 100 in the opposing team ).

Surrender wasn’t even the issue. Actually, I’d have prefered to surrender. It’s people actually disconnecting that made PvP ultra-tedious today… And removing Surrender would only further legitimate that attitude.

Too bad it was the day a friend of mine decided to give the game a try. I honestly never suffered from such a chain of negative people as much as today. Now, he really doesn’t feel like playing PvP again, and the incentive to play PvE being low ( this is no Borderlands 3 after all ), this somehow kill the game for him, and probably for a lot of newcomers as well. Seriously, can you imagine how a newcomer can feel when thrown into this kind of situation ?


Everyone is like don’t punish people for quitting because we don’t wanna lose all our players and surrender to be an option early. Well I say punish them 30 mins for quitting early and don’t allow surrender until game is at least 5mins in or perhaps if there is an extreme difference in scores say like 200 or more lead. You see it’s funny how people are gonna be like we can’t lose all our players but I’m like screw that if there is 100 people playing this game and none of them are quitters or early surrenders that’s better than having 50k and 99% quitters


People already know they can’t play another game if they quit so I don’t see how disconnects would become that much of a bigger issue. Surrendering should be removed until it can’t be exploited, it really isn’t hard to come up with guidelines for when surrendering is an option.

Dare I say that’s just how a lot of online games work these days. Even in an MMO like TERA, you’ll get people who will literally demand that you kick them (mostly because, in TERA at least, getting kicked from a party doesn’t incur a penalty, whereas dropping does). Like another person said already, removing the option to surrender will just create more problems then it would solve.

Look at it like this: would you rather have the match end early, or be stuck with someone who’s literally dead weight because they wanna throw a tantrum about something going wrong?

Surrenders should have the following rules:

Incursion: 55 point difference
Meltdown: 200 point difference
Capture: 300 point difference or all bases held for 1 minute or more.

Numbers can be revised of course but surrenders need to be off score, not a gut feeling that you might lose.


One game last night we came back from 55-100 at the start of the game to win. Personally I don’t like to surrender because the only time it is impossible to make a comeback is when the game is almost over anyway.

The games where you come back from the brink of losing to win are probably some of the best you’ll ever have. Unfortunately you’ll never get to experience them if you surrender at the first sign of possible defeat.

Learn some humility and lose like a badass… Say no to surrender! :stuck_out_tongue:


It isn’t being exploited or abused now, you just don’t happen to like it. Also, we seem to have different definitions of salty (it isn’t the people surrendering). If people are losing and choose to surrender, that’s their prerogative. I was just in a match where we, as a premade all 70+ got our butts handed to us (at one point the other team had 30+ kills and we had one). We were all actually laughing about it on discord and stayed til the bitter end, but we could have easily bailed long before that and it’s absurd to think people should be forced to stay.


[quote=“SageWindu, post:8, topic:1488422, full:true”]Look at it like this: would you rather have the match end early, or be stuck with someone who’s literally dead weight because they wanna throw a tantrum about something going wrong?

The surrender option lets them have what they want, thus it’s something that happens in the vast majority of matches. Them sitting there not playing is not want they want so they might actually play the game. Giving salty players want they want is worst case scenario and it’s already here. Lastly, plenty of people that play any online game are dead weight in the skill department alone.

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I’m pretty sure having to wait to play more than actually playing is the definition of exploited.

No, it isn’t. It’s their choice. Frankly I don’t get it either and I wish people wouldn’t surrender at the drop of a hat (I love it when we end up winning after someone tries to surrender and personally, often enjoy holding out as long as possible when things seem hopeless…sometimes I learn new things that way) but it isn’t abusing the system or exploiting.


You can’t surrender till 6minutes in…

They could choose to leave and have to wait to play another match. That’s the whole point of the system in place to punish said people but they’re never punished.

The problem will always be people are too competitive. It doesn’t matter the game, people like to win, hate to lose, and definitely don’t like to be stuck in a game they aren’t doing the best in.

No, leaving should be and is punished. If the other team surrenders, accept your win gracefully and move on the next match. That simple.

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I had a few bad PvP encounters.” ≠ “The saltiest community ever.

Sensationalist clickbait doesn’t do anyone any favours.


You haven’t been a part of many game communities, have you?

Yeah, this lot can be a salty bunch, but we’re hardly the biggest offenders out there. Ever played LoL? CoD? Destiny? OW?

I think the surrenders are just a function of the game being young. New players keep seeing surrenders and think it’s the norm. They don’t realize that comebacks are very possible.

Me? I’ve participated in 90 point comebacks in Incursion. I’ve recovered from 200+ point deficits in Meltdown. I’ve been on the wrong side of dramatic comebacks, too. Coasting to an easy win, the enemy team even tries to surrender early but fails at that … when a single team-fight goes badly, and before you know it, the losing team is on your doorstep with big minions, thralls, and a lot of pent up anger.

New players will see these. They’ll have early surrender votes fail to pass, and take part in an epic come-back. And then they’ll never vote to surrender again.