Battleborn themed items in Borderlands 3

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So I don’t know if this should go in the battleborn section or the borderlands section, but whatever.

I’ve recently had ideas for some battleborn themed items that could be put in the next borderlands, just as a cool little nod to the game.

The first is a Dahl assault rifle that looks like or acts like whiskey foxtrots rifle.

Another is a grenade mod that when used creates a similar effect as orendis shadowfire pillers.

The last is a shield that when damaged speaks in isiscs voice and can sometimes reflect back bullets like his rotating wards.

Add any another cool ideas if you have any.


Issac: Drop your guns Fella! I’ll pretend to not kill ya!
(Rare Marauder voiceover or red text. Sorry)

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That’s it. Just put Benedict in the game.
He an’ Scooter can be besti— oh. Oh wait…

(DRKmain) #4

Bindlebane with the eins, zwei, die passive

(Augustus Benedict) #5

“You mean I get to blow MORE ■■■■ up!? As long as Toby isn’t there, it’ll be the best! Actually, on second thought, put him in there. I like familiar target practice!”

(Penguin connoisseur.) #6

Didn’t you retire?

(Wilhelm08) #7

So this isn’t really a battleborn themed weapon, but what about a tediore gun that when you reload it after its empty it says YEET!

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