Battleborn theory - The five remaining heroes and side quests

After seeing this teaser I’ve been theorising with friends and gamers alike on who/what the new heroes are.

So far I believe the bird-like character with the gun/launcher, based on the visible attire and weapon, to be another Peacekeeper and being an Aviant likely known to Benedict and Toby.

The robot or mech-suit, being a robot or mech-suit, could possibly be an LLC and if it is a robot could contain the AI of Nova or as one of my friends suggested the Magna Carta.

By process of elimination, I believe the reptilian to be a Rogue, because…
I think the female is Empress Lenore.

What we know of the Varelsi so far is little to nothing. We know that they came from an alternate universe/dimension and they’re sucking our stars through what we call the “void”
We don’t know for what purpose, but my theory is that the “void” is a gateway or portal to their own universe/dimension and they are not destroying stars but harvesting them, but to what end? Any and all theories are welcome! Perhaps the stars in their own universe expired, perhaps they harvest them in a similar way to the Jennerit and used up all theirs (Which could explain Rendain’s betrayal) perhaps, perhaps.
But I believe that the Empress is not dead, rather being held in the Varelsi universe, perhaps for Rendain or for some other purpose that we are not yet aware of. I believe that we will see the Empress again, either at the end of the campaign or in one of the five downloadable PvE missions.

I also believe that the five extra PvE side missions will each be themed toward a particular faction and will each feature the new character of that faction. Perhaps the Jennerit quest will feature them reverse-engineering Varelsi tech, with the help of the LLC, in order to open a gateway to the “void” and retrieve the Empress? Perhaps the UPR side quest will involve doing the same thing, but for the purpose of either wiping out the remaining Varelsi, retrieving the lost stars, or both. If this is so then I’d expect these to be the last two missions released.

What are your thoughts Battleborn?

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Going to make some crazy guesses, because why not, I want to see it.

Mech-Rogue-Varelsi in a containment suit.

Angel Thing-Lenore

Reptile-UPR-Lizard Shamen, the token Native American


My ideas.

Super capitalist billionaire chicken, I like that a lot!

I think a Rogue Varelsi is just what this game needs, that way we can not only have some lore to unlock on the Varelsi but we can also see how they fight and what abilities they possess.

I like the super-billionaire chicken. It could gain stacks to “scratch” from picking up shards to power up attacks like Jack’s doppelganger in BPS. I’m thinking it would have a uber-powerful end game.

“Oh, let me introduce you to a small loan of a million BAW KAWK!”-Charging the Shard Cannon.

Passive-Blinged Out Buildables: Buildables increased effectiveness by 15%. Generate shards.

Also, the Varelsi could be the one who helped Lenore escape from the Void.

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Want Alani so bad already. Ice/water powers have always been my favorite and The Last Airbender is one of my favorite shows and Alani gives off this water bender vibe so much.

The others look really interesting, really want to know what that character to her right is going to look like more than anyone else.

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These are my guesses
-First Left: Peacekeeper with a grenade launcher (because he is lined with grenades)
-First Right: Rogue Snake-person with a scythe focused on stealth (we’ve got two birds, a mushroom, and a rock, why not a snake?)
-Second Left: Jennerit (MAYBE LLC) kinda a cross between Toby’s Berg, Attikus, and Caldarius. Shoots rockets and stuff. I actually have no clue.
-Second Right: LLC (MAYBE Jennerit) agile ranged dps with a laser cannon? (possibly Nova, but seems unlikely, could be Empress Lenore, but I find that just as unlikely as Nova)
On the subject of Alani, OMFG I want another healer so bad because that’s my jam on toast. I bet she’s got a lot of slow effects and is great for CC.

But Lenore is long dead?

Great post. I must have missed this one.

Perhaps not, Rendain says as much to Deande during the campaign. Also, listen to the intro of “The Saboteur” and tell me that Nova wont be a playable character :wink:

Based on the comments Rendain makes, she is not.

I said nothing about Nova.

Also, about Lenore, I drawn the conclusion of Lenore’s death from the cleared Jennerit lore challenges.

I think the leftmost one is Nova.

The rest I have no idea.

I always thought Rendain loved Lenore and did what he did for her to live.

I know you didn’t, but I forgot about this post and your comment here reminded me that I had theorised about Lenore and Nova.

Nobody knows for sure if Lenore is dead, nobody except for Rendain, and he does say that she’s not dead but should we trust his word? She was thrown into “The Void” but as yet we don’t really know what it is so we can’t really say for sure that she’s dead.

Haven’t cleared the Jennerit lore challenges, so obviously I can’t say much, but indeed Rendain hints to her having survived by acting surprised when he is accused of having killed her. He says something in the lines of “Why would you believe she’s … ? Whatever, (…)”

Sure it’s rendain, but the voice acting somehow made it sounds like genuine surprise.

I’m not the weird one thinking the round shape character left of the lady is a girl… right? I mean looks like a bird girl from here…

…Benedict’s mom?

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Not sure if I’ve dreamed it, but fairly sure I had some dialogue from ISIC when running the Algorithm as Gali where he basically confirms exactly that. It was something along the lines of

“these guys have enough power to steal whole planets and pull them across space, what do you think they could do to you”

Hmm interesting, I seldom run The Algorithm so I don’t think I have heard that quote.