Battleborn – Things that needs to be changed (My opinion)!

Hey all! :smiley:
I’ll start with writing the known; I love Battleborn to pieces, since the first they it was announced till now. I didn’t pre-ordered, because I’m personally against that, but I’ll probably get my own piece sooner or later.
Though I really like the game, there are a few things that needs to be changed in order to give the game the amount of love he deserves. I’ll break the simple stuff;

:diamonds: The UI (=User Interface) looks really amateur rather than something you would expect to get from a triple A title – that’s one of the reasons a lot of people calling this game a F2P. The UI plays a really major part of the base interest in the game, he can make a huge difference psychologically and basically creating the wrong impression revolving the idea of the game.

:diamonds: I’m really worried about the loot system inside of BB, though I heard a rumor about an actual animation as a reward? If you guys remember, Thorn at first had a different ultimate ability; something that looked like a lizard-ish that were thrown at the enemy and by that could deal a massive damage?
You can see it right here at the Thorn concept art:
And you can see it in action on the first gameplay footage from 2 years ago (at 10:46):
And so, you guys think that the looting part of the game can be used as something like that? I mean, it’s cool to get a few extra shield or something, But I would love to get something a little more… attractive as an incentive to keep me customizing my characters.

:diamonds: Another thing on that regard; Are we gonna exploring customization as a really cosmetic change?
It’s cool to change the colors and all that, but what about an ACTUAL change?

:diamonds: Is the Campaign really gonna cut-off? I mean, it looks really cool and all that, but we’ve already know it will last only about 5~6 hours at best. It’s really long enough to keep me getting over and over to a game that took some of the best parts of Borderlands? As a non-competitive player, Im really worried. Sure, I’ll play meltdown and all that, but what if I’ll not dig it as much? In that case, It will worth 60$?

And so… there is one more thing; what is all about on the exclusive thingy? We all know that a successful competitive game SHOULD be fair and square to all the platforms. I don’t really care to pay extra money for a new character, but why should we pay, while the guys over at the PS4 are getting it for free? Because of Sony? man, I’ll be honest with you, it sucks :expressionless:

Thank you guys for reading all of my bitching regarding to Battleborn. I wish the game the best, because we all know he deserves it! :smiley:

what do you mean with the new char for PS4 every platform gets him only the guys at PS4 get the beta faster

The PS4 players that got to play the beta are getting the 26th character FOR FREE, while the other players will have to pay for it. Again, I don’t care to invest a few more bucks into Battleborn, but why not playing fair?

  1. There will never be animations or abilities as loot. In the 2 years since that video was made her ultimate changed. It’s that simple.

  2. I doubt there will be customization that goes further than just colors. They want to keep characters identifiable.

  3. The campaign story is nonexistent. If this is what you want don’t bother. It’s about as deep as a dungeon or raid in an MMORPG.

This is the first I’ve heard about UI problems. What exactly is needed to make this feel ‘triple A’?

Mind you, this is also on top of many complaints that the UI felt too cluttered to begin with.

  1. I highly recommend you to read this article:

  2. Well, that’s a problem for me. Then again, I think you’re wrong – Marquis, for example, has a special ‘Head’ skin, where he could be with sort of mustache? Check this out (1:35):

  3. If that so, then why they always saying the Campaign will be fitting to non-Competitive players, like when they have said: ‘The story will be something that you would expect from triple A game’? I think you got something wrong there, or we just didn’t get the intention behind those words.

I think it’s more about a customary practice rather than ‘problem’.

When open beta comes you will see what the FAQ is referring to. All I can say is it has nothing to do with loot or specific characters, it’s a mechanic available to everyone.

The mustache is a part of Marquis’s taunt and disappears once it ends. Taunts are the same as other MOBAs, just a way of “talking smack” with a little animation.

I’m assuming a skin system similar to other games in the genre will be added eventually, but they won’t be free.

As for the campaign, I dunno what to tell you. Here’s a playthrough of one of the missions:

You fight your way through normal enemies and a boss or two and that’s it. The game ends and you’re taken back to the match lobby. There is little banter between unseen characters over voice communications or whatever you want to call it. You never speak to anyone, and there are no cut scenes or friendly NPCs.

I personally agree with the guy in the video calling it an afterthought.

EDIT: Actually, the pet system is shown in that video so I suppose I can talk about it. You can spend the currency you get from killing enemies (shards) on abilities or save it for drone stations, where you can hire one of three types of flying robots to follow you around for the duration of the mission.

Oh, really? :slight_smile:
Are you connected to the team or something? it’s really odd to get that really firmly answers from just a newbie :smiley:
Oh, that thing was a taunt? that’s a shame… I thought I could play with that sexy mustache regularly :\

If that so, I don’t care to put a few more bucks into cosmetic changes, as long as they don’t end up just being simple skins…

Really? I got the impression that Battleborn will feature uniquely as a ‘MOBA-ish’ game a really strong narrative. And I also remember an interview with the writer, Aaron Lindie, that talked about the story… I didn’t really got an ‘after thought’ vibe from his perception.

Yeah, I know that. I got the chance to play Battleborn and I’ve tried it a few times. Than again, I really hope some sort of changes will implement into the final product. I was relieved when Battleborn was delayed…

Not part of the team but I’ve been in the past tests and have played extensively.

I know the exact interview you’re talking about and it had me enthralled.

In my opinion the story is not explored in any meaningful way despite it being a strongpoint. I hope that changes but without something as simple as persistent character progression it doesn’t seem likely. I wish they’d taken advantage of it.

I do: that was just a piece of the campaign we got to play during the CTT. I wouldn’t make any assumptions about the full one until the beta comes out.

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Then again, we’re only got to play one part of one mission, it’s barely enough to even give an overview of some sort… We have to see more of it, because as it is right now, Gearbox are confirming a narrative experience on the Single player side – which gives me again to the point; The story will probably last about 5~6 hours at best, and that’s not all that great for players like me, which from the business model at least are targeted as a legitimate customers.

And yeah, Aaron looks like a really interesting and funny person, I’m sure the writing is good! :smiley:

That seems like an exaggeration and/or flat out wrong. I am certain we’ll get campaign missions. And I think each mission will take somewhere from 40 to 60 minutes (I could be wrong here, if so then it’s longer). I heard we’ll get 9 missions? Not sure. They have always said “hobby level story campaign” or something along those lines. And the missions themselves seem to have the usual banter and dialog present in Borderlands 2 missions

I’m pretty sure the UI was just for the CTT. I’m not worried about the UI because the games not out yet and Gearbox knows how to make UIs. I don’t know why people expected the UI to be what the CTT was about. Because it wasn’t. The biggest thing they were testing was connectivity and massive player counts, and some game balance testing.

Regarding the UI. I fail so see why it should be changed. Outside the need for a slightly larger font is works like it should.

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