Battleborn Tier 2 skins

I don’t have a source (I didn’t want to look for it again.) Yet with the full release of Alani close that also means the T2 skins are on their way as well. At first I thought they would arrive with the pre-release Alani but I guess they are waiting for full release and I cant wait because some of these skins look amazing. Tell me what you guys think because I cannot wait for T3 skins.


I’m pretty sure the T2 skins are being released at a later date down the road

Let’s hope they are being released soon. With the awful lore challenges, painful matchmaking and toxic community, there is not much keeping alot of people here.

It would be great to actually have something to work towards.

Jythri said on reddit the Tier 2 skins would be released with Alani.

That’s the first time I’ve seen those Ambra and Whiskey Foxtrot skins. Do want.

probably on the actual release date of alani which would be the 31st i think

Please let these be real and please let them release very soon!! I absolutely love Phoebe and Rath’s design. Galilea looks like she got a metroid type skin which I fully expected haha. Thorn reminds me of a nightelf from WoW but it works perfectly and Ambra is just…amazing! IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

Oh man, Thorn’s is neat. And Orendi’s is so strangely cute. I’m excited about these now, I hope they’re not so challenging that my new-to-PvP self can’t manage to get them!

Yeah I imagine if they’re supposed to be released with Alani it’ll be on her official date, not the early release. Can’t wait to see them in-game!

I want that melka skin. I wanted it yesterday.

That thorn skin is so nice omg…i needs it…i wants it…my precioussss…