Battleborn: Tier [B]alance Mellka (Battleborn's Cobra)

Mellka Review

Don’t want to read? Heres a youtube video

Mellka’s Poison

Okay, to truly understand Mellka and her capabilities, we need to bring in some mathematics. Keep in mind that I have a degree in criminal justice so if I fail somewhere in this math section, just call me out in the comments. I’ll be putting together her total poison damage in the purest form.

NOTE: This description above is vague and only gives the total poison duration,

This is her most basic damage for Venom Canister at level 1

Canister impact 75 Damage

Then we have overtime poisoned. I actually tested this myself in a private match and discovered that the venom has a tick rate of 0.5 seconds. Meaning at level 1 we are looking at 12 damage every 0.5 seconds for a total of 8 seconds. We double the seconds and multiply it by the damage and we get our total venom damage and add in the canister damage.

Canister impact 75 Damage
Venom 12 x 16 = 192 Damage (Over 8 seconds)
Total Damage = 267 Damage

This damage is excluding pistol shots and/or any abilities available to Mellka. Keep in mind that this is just Level one and we haven’t even scratched the surface of her total damage output. The only question is do the players have the patience and precision to play Mellka in the most efficient way to see her damage? Because Mellka requires skill despite the fact that gearbox labeled Mellka easy.

Mellka In Incursion

Okay, lets address the elephant in the room, her burst is awful and her starting pistol is also bad, expect to poke, expect to poke a lot! People might think you are a minion at first until the first venom canister hits, that’s when they notice you. I actually unloaded 4 clips on Montana until he finally turned around and started shooting back. So her starting damage is low but she makes up for it in venom and having a small light weight mobility. Any sniper such as marquis will have a hard time hitting her, even close range melee characters will struggle to gain a grasp because of how slippery she can be.


Spike is a pretty interesting ability that can be altered by augmentations and mutations for some pretty cool effects. I like to use it when enemies get close for a close combat engagement, at level 2 I usually get parting gift helix that way the melee character takes damage while we duke it out.

Spike leaves behind an area of effect that covers nearby enemies with venom on the initial hit and deals damage over time. +20 Damage Per Second over 5 Seconds

If the battle starts to head south, it makes a great tool for escaping, but not as good as her other ability Claw Lunge, but we will get to that later. The good thing about spike is that the augmentations to add venom on the ground can be used to clear minion waves which make a great tool to quickly rank up to level 5, which should be your priority with Mellka as her level 5 ability is insane. Now the risky part of clearing minion waves is that you have to expose yourself by getting at the battle of the wave to use spike however Claw Lunge can be used for an escape as well. Yes you can do this with Mellka’s claw lunge. You just have to aim up at nothing and the claw will drag Mellk’s body into the air. The enemy’s large shard near dual thralls can actually be reach by Mellka when she aims are claw lunge upward. However I don’t suggest going near the enemies sentry or try to attempt to take out the thumper turret.


Lastly Mellka’s Blade Launcher fires 3 blades that dea; 167 Damage each and adding venom effect on target. This is the most burst you are going to get out of Mellka, but hey - it adds poison right? And being at level 5 Mellka’s venom would have sure enough to increase in damage. Lastly, lets go over her augmentations at level 10.

Blade Launcher blades bounce off of the environment and home in on envenomated enemies instead of exploding on impact

All or Nothing (RIGHT SIDE OF HELIX)
Blade Launcher fires a single, powerful shot, dealing heavy damage to one target. +700 Damage

This can be a tough choice but the way I make it easy to choose is to look at the game I am in, in a very situational perspective. For example, If the other team had high mobility characters on one side, then perhaps I would go for Blade Storm due to the fact that they are homing. I wouldn’t want to use All or Nothing and risk a single shot ability on a high mobile character knowing the possibility of a miss. I would want to use All or Nothing on characters like Marquis, Miko, Toby and even bigger characters such as Montana or Kleese - they make easy target for their low hp or size. With good scaling ability powered items, you can bring All or Nothing up to 800-900 Damage. I would say that’s a pretty good burst for being a single shot.

My overall conclusion to Mellka is that she is a pretty well rounded character. If you do decide to pick up her don’t expect anything flashy at the start and prepare for many unexpected assist/kills due to venom. She can be very rewarding if you harass - letting the poison seep into your enemies and finishing them off with Blade Launcher. Like I said before, its up to the player to have the patience and precision to use Mellka in the most efficient way. I am pretty sure on Battleborn Release we will see some amazing Mellka players out there.


It looks like Mellka can keep up with damage - - it may be spread out but its there!

For the full Tier BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

That’s 1 thing I don’t really like about Total Damage Dealt at the end of a PvP match. It doesn’t tell you whether it’s Player Damage, Minion/Objective Damages, or Overall Damage (I know it’s likely overall damage).

I’d like to see them actually account for Player Damage when it comes to PvP.

With that being said I can’t really judge her damage based on how well she does in a PvP match. I’ve played Mellka in PvE and found her wanting. Then again, that could be an issue because PvE and PvP are 2 entirely different things.


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I feel once you get the hang of her, she is incredible. I can keep several enemies off guard with her movement and AOE abilities, take care of the minions, and zip out of danger when needed.
I feel like a lot of people underestimate her, she can be really deadly in the right hands.

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I believe you, I’ve had ally Mellkas on my team and they did quite well for themselves. I only speak about her total outcome in PvE compared to other damage dealing Assassins such as Rath, Deande, and the current total damage dealing queen in my eyes Thorn (she’s not an Assassin but she’s got great DPS).

Hey guys, thanks for sharing your input. I’m actually writing about mellka now. TitusStation, people seem to throw Mellka off to the side when they don’t see any burst damage but they really are missing out on a incredible character.

I spent most of the last weekend getting Master of Mellka - I can attest that she is really a fantastic character worth playing. Then again, I love DoT/AoE speedy characters.

I love how beefy Spike can get once you add Parting Gift, Spike Burst and Power Spike. I got quite a few kills out of situations I thought I was surely dead by shooting into the air and zipping away. Also can we talk about her Pool Shot mutation and those little PG pools?
I think the thing I love most about her helix is you can do very well with her no matter what you build use.

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So true EnasniVolz

I played her during the last day of beta and I terribly regret not choosing her sooner. Her abilities have versatility and can easily put in work if an enemy stays in her zone along enough. I’ll be adding some more stuff today but right now I have to edit the major battle tier post, then i’ll be coming back to edit this… so much editing!

Melka is so fun. She seems like the perfect parkour character in the game comboing your abilities to traverse the battlefield in creative ways. And I definitely remember using spike to get me out of a few tough jams in the beta. And later on with the venom bullets people have a very tough time surviving an encounter with a Melka. Running away with a sliver of health doesn’t do anything when you’re poisoned!

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I did enjoy her but I admit I was not using her properly and soon I got distracted by Deande. I will need to retry her on release.

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Mellka’s been on the top end of my character list for a while thanks to the similarities to Cal (while they turn out to play completely differently), and it’s a shame I only unlocked her right at the end of the beta. They’ve really improved her over time, love the new canister.

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Perhaps someone who is more familiar with her can answer something for me. It took me a game or 2 to figure out her canister thing on reload. My question is this: should I be reloading prematurely to push out venom effects or just empty my clip?

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You know what’s funny, on the last day on beta. I thought It would be a good idea to shoot one bullet and just wait to see an enemy, that way I can reload and hit them with a caniste then engage in full combat. I thought this would be the most effective way to use Mellka. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance as the beta ended while I was in a game with Mellka.

At first I was just going through the whole clip, but after a match or 2 private pvp I started just shooting a few shots and then reloaded to put out more canisters and venom. I know the effect doesn’t stack but the way I was thinking about it was ‘the more targets I can hit with venom, the more damage I’ll do when I use her ability’.

Oh I didn’t think of that. I guess I would have done that to a minion wave. I really don’t know… It seems effective if you check out the math I did on the top. That’s her level 1 damage.

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Yea, that’s made me think ‘ok maybe I am doing this right’. I think the part I was getting wrong was when to use which abilities.

In CTT her canister damage varied depending on how many bullets were spent, doing more damage when the clip is empty. I didn’t get a chance to test if this was still the case but it looked like the canisters did full damage now regardless, maybe someone else can confirm this.

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Hmmmmm…yea this is interesting. I definitely need to test this on release. This will greatly change how I play with her

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Added a mellka Damage break down video, Please Enjoy

She also had a helix choice that would cloak you after her spike. This was an awesome escape method, except if you emptied your clip before activating the spike. You would spike, jump, cloak, and then reload when you hit the ground that would bring you out of cloak. That really sucked when you counted on it as an escape method. I think it would be cool if they gave her the cloak back.

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If you keep scrolling over you see a lot more stats and while they might not show exactly what you were looking for you do see a lot that might help you determine that.

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