Battleborn: Tier List (Alani Tier + few new tiers)


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GOAL OF THIS TIER LIST: The ultimate goal of this tier list is to make sure every character is at the balance level for fun and fair gameplay. If we all contributed in the comments below, we can help gearbox shape battleborn to be an amazing game.

S Tier: A Battleborn character that requires balancing. (No characters at S)

A Tier: Above average character. May need minor tweaking or none at all.

B Tier: Well Balance and suitable for the arena.

C Tier: Hard to keep up with other characters and ultimately doesn’t bring much end game.

D Tier: Falls off in every aspect

[A] Tier


[A TIER] Shayne & Aurox (COMING SOON)

[A TIER] Thorn Reviewed By Dr_H0H0

[A TIER] Marquis Review by Dr_H0H0 Battleborn: (A) Tier Marquis

[A Tier] Alani In short, she is pretty strong as a heal/control character. Other control characters do not do as much damage as her.


[B]alance Tier



[B TIER] ISIC Reviewed by Dr_h0h0 Battleborn: [B] Tier ISIC

[B TIER] El Dragon Reviewed by Dr_HoHo, full discussion Battleborn: [B] Tier El Dragon

[B TIER] Kelvin Full Discussion Battleborn: [B] Tier Kelvin (In progress)
Kelvin Playstyle

[B TIER] Reyna Full Discussion Battleborn: Reyna Review
And video review




[B TIER] Mellka Full Discussion Battleborn: Tier [B]alance Mellka (Battleborn’s Cobra)
A video of Mellka’s Damage

[B TIER] Toby (Battleborn’s Artillery) Full Discussion
Toby Playstyle


[B TIER] Kleese Full Discussion Battleborn: (B) Tier Kleese

[B TIER] Bouldur Review by Dr_H0H0 Full Discussion


[B TIER] Caldarius (COMING SOON)

[C] Tier


[D] Tier

[D TIER] Attikus Full discussion Battleborn: [D] Tier Attikus
AND Heres a very compelling argument why Attkus is so flawed - by GunRabies: Problems with Attikus

[D TIER] Whiskey Foxtrot Review by Dr_H0H0 Battleborn: [D] TIER Whiskey Foxtrot

Requires Re-review

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Fixed most links, however if you happen to find yourself in the old beta page, sorry about that. Most of these characters will be getting a re-review since there are new maps and different play styles.

Reyna update done! hope you guys enjoy it, I’ll try to polish this post up a bit.

Link is broken to Boulder justification

during beta i would’ve argued to put benedict on the A tier, now i think your generous with him on B tier with his nerfs he got

Currently Ambra is B- to C.

When did he get nerf? I am away for Mother’s Day and haven’t played

I have to agree with this , I feel like she’s floating around B.

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since now been playing with same group of friends, before i was top damage dealer, now im doing the least amount of damage even to my friend playing a kleese for the first time
have not seen any feed back from GB to what got changed from beta to release but everything things worse on benedict

his fire speed, reload speed, rocket speed, damage, homing rockets, boomsday, can no longer fly with hawkeye activated(trigger before gliding)

i loved benedict in the beta and did great with him i know how to play him but now after i get him to lvl 15 im really going to put him away he just so weak now

I just got into benedict yesterday and I think he’s great. Clears up minion waves nicely and when you spec him into tripple rocket (L1) and boost the damage of it he has an insane burst… Plus he counters Galilea which is a big boon right now.

Alright, I’ll check him out later. Last time I went against and played as him, he seemed balanced. The games and character dynamic will change as the game matures.

Aww, Attikus and Whiskey still suck? That’s a damn shame…

Wish I could get more comments in here, would help to hear voices because as of now, I’m not sure if everything is okay or something is wrong. I know the game is still new and everyone is experimenting with characters, but when you get a chance, feel free to comment your thoughts on a character.

ISIC is S tier. I’d elaborate but I don’t have much time. I’ll probably edit this later but I only play ISIC and he’s too good and versatile. I don’t think there is any champions that could 1v1 him and win (At worst it’s a stalemate.)

Anyone saying melee is dumb. You can easily punch a melee in the face, knock him back, and run away.

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Awesome, thank you Max, I haven’t unlocked him yet, the last time I played with him was in BETA, but i’ll take a look since you say hes an S tier. (that’s pretty big)

I agree with Deande being on C and at best she plays low b. Its just her overall damage is kinda low. But that changes when she cloaks as she dishes out INSANE damage. i did some serious testing with her yesterday and imo she is the only true assassin. As once she picks a target it will almost be garunteed to die. The only problem is sometimes it can be difficult to get back out. It is very rewarding to see opponents go for your clone and you come from behind and take out their healer or support then run back into the shadows. She most defitnely cant take on multiple player by herself like other players, but she can

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i’ll be checking them out later this week. I want to try Attikus again with the new maps as well as whiskey

1v1 insanely well

If i recommend any buffs with her id say either give her ult more damage, lower the cool down timer, or a bigger rangr with you being able to insta cast at will cause right now its just horrible as its either taking to long to cast or not putting out enough damage to force your opponent to retreat. Its idea is nice for setting up the opponents for team kills but unless you are in verbal communication with your team it more often than not it will not work. Ive had more success with kelvins stun than deandes

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Whiskey is about the same in all maps from the testing ive done and is still probably the worse character in the game. He just cant do anything by himself except mob clear, which takes so long compared to other heros. He still is slighty above average in single target damage only if the opponent is occupied, and solo his damage is severly lowered as getting crits and landing stickies becomes much more difficult. Ill keep testing with him and Deande as my Boldur testing is done.

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No. nnnnno, you stop it. Don’t be touching my character, he’s fine the way he is.

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