Battleborn Tournament

Hello, Gearbox representative and Fans,

My name is Sebastian Hernandez. I am a die hard Battleborn fan. The Xbox community and I are trying to host one last tournament for our precious game. I’ll include a link at the bottom.

Our plan is to Livestream the games and archive them on YouTube. Since the game is shutting down, we want to go out with a bang! We’re raising funds for a prize pool and would like to see if you could contribute to our cause in anyway! It doesn’t have to be monetary but maybe an simple post or getting the word out would much appreciated! Gearbox could maybe contribute some cosmetics for the winners?

Deep down in our hearts we hope the server’s don’t go down. I’ve talked with many people throughout every platform and it’s all the same. We want to keep this game alive by any means. If that means paying the $60 again or starting a gofund me to pay for the server’s. We are willing to do it!

Please take a look at the link. Some people call us desperate and tell us the game is dead. We call it devotion and passion! Let Battleborn LIVE! Or at least make a sequel!

Thanks for making such a badass game,

Sebastian Hernandez

Gamertag: cdogrockson


Hello gearbox devs I also am a die hard Battleborn fan player and streamer of the game. I dedicated a lot of time trying to show how fun the game is and make it popular then call of duty. I know that is a crazy thought or idea but it is my passion to promote something that I love. I put my heart into the game with purchasing skins with each character as well. Just like cdogrockson we don’t want our beloved game to die he’s a passionate guy as well like our whole Xbox community. I hope their is something you guys could do. Don’t let the last star die out


I am incredibly hyped for this. This game, this community deserve one final hurrah!

Hope everyone Who frequents these forums and has any final goal to play this game Signs up and plays in this community run league.



I am Babajeeds. Cdog and I are essentially co-running the whole thing, and like all of us, I am a die hard Battleborn fan. There are only 2 games I’ve ever played were words cannot describe how much I love it. Battleborn is the first one. It means so much to me and has had an incredible impact on my life. It’s showed me how you should stay true to your dreams and never give up.

So I ask you from the bottom of my heart, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS GAME. Whatever needs to happen, whether it’s a sequel in a few years or returning to your masterpiece, we can do it. Thank you for your time, and please consider.



Battleborn has been by far the most fun PvP game I’ve ever played.
Lets make this last season one to remember!

On a side note: while it is a longshot that would make an intergalactic sniper proud the most likely way I can think of to keep the servers up would be for gearbox to reach a deal with xbox game pass.
Xbox pays for two years of server fees so it costs GearBox nothing to keep the servers up.
Xbox adds Battleborn to GamePass for the two years expanding their game selection for much less than outright buying the rights to distribute.
And the most important part, GearBox and Xbox get profit from plat sales which would of course be reactivated for all the new game pass players.


While I applaud everyone involved in this, it’s still too little, too late. GBX has no control over the BB severs, 2k does. I’d like to see a sequel, but the last thread about a tournament and extending the server lifetime didn’t gain any traction and I don’t see this gaining any either. The only way BB can be resurrected is if someone bought the rights to it from 2k, which I don’t see happening anytime soon.


I will prolly be watching!

The game isn’t going to be renewed unfortunately, but I’d be down for getting stomped in a tournament and yelled at in my messages by the hardcores once more for old time’s sake. GT is Genericktag. I’m sure someone will remember me.

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Join this if you are interested in playing or want more information!

It just wouldn’t be Battleborn without that. :smirk: