Battleborn Toys To Life

How would you all feel if Battleborn was a Toys-To-Life (like skylanders, but for adults/teens) FPS Moba?


A what? Could you explain? o.O

Generally I love Battleborn AND I love toys^^

EDIT: Ahh, Google enlightend me. Amiboo-stuff.
Well, no, I don´t really like this system, although I´m a big fan of actionfigures & collectibles. Still hope for articulated BB-actionfigures in the future.


Could be interesting. But as the prime market for this game is adults, and this styles prime market is for children, it’s an idea conceived as a failure

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You mean, like, Pinocchio style? That WOULD be pretty cool…

Kid Ultra: I’m a real boy!

Me: No. No you’re not; not even in the game.


Only for pve if that’s was possible but honestly don’t wanna pay for characters

Well, I’m down, if I can buy a fully articulated Sentry unit, preferably made out of metal. That has actually been a project I’ve had for a while but never got round to starting.

And frankly, it would look hella badass sitting on my desk =D


I wouldn’t be so quick o calling it a failure.

Even though the main concept seems to aim fir kids, in fact many customers with a collection of amiibos and / or Skylanders are adult.

If you wonder why… well, kiddies can beg their granny ever so often to buy the Figure / Set they want, but in the long run kids can’t afford to complete the collection. Especially if you take color Variations into account (oh boy would a BB Figure fanatic be screwed).

Anyways… I don’t think it would be good, cause imagine this: all extra content is unlocked with figures. Gold / Cyber / T 2 + 3 Skins / Taunts and OPs…

Imagine having a Shrine of OMs for Skins / Taunts. Each would likely cost around 10-15 € / $ / £ / money… so if you thought skins and taunts were overpriced before, you know now it could be worse.

You can keep the figures but… the concept of unlocking stuff with figures is mostly expensive, rather than anything else.

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I’ll take any excuse to support Battleborn financially that Gearbox gives me.

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I’m not really down for spending extraneous money for Gearbox’s sake (I doubt many Australian players still have that kind of brand loyalty/affection at this point), but I would absolutely buy anything Mellka, because love is a powerful drug.

I’d also seriously consider Ambra, Gali, and Alani collectibles. I could display them all together, like the little cuties they are!

As far as a game mechanic goes, though? Not so much. Having to buy a physical effigy of a character to play them is a marketer’s dream come true, but you can’t do that in a competitive game - not unless you want to encourage some kind of exploitative CCG spend-to-compete culture.


I just want a series 2 of the pin sets so I can get the other 15 characters. I NEED A PENDLES PIN!