Battleborn Trading Cards - RNG

I’m really interested in other peoples experience with the Battleborn Trading cards you get at EB Games and Game Stop at the moment, I have personally opened 267 packets and I’m still missing cards 16 to 25.
I have collected these from 3 different EB Games stores, I have contacted EB Games and they told me the packs are totally random but after opening 267 packs and never seeing a card between 16-25 is not random.
I’m wondering if different parts of the world got different “batches” of cards like is there someone in Europe that has never see a card between 1-15?
Or is there other Australians out there that have cards 16-25?
Let me know! It’s driving me crazy haha

Trading cards?! Is this a TCG?!?!

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Never knew there was such a thing. Might be a cool virtual collectable to have in game somehow. Randomly earning Hero cards after levels/missions. Love that kind of stuff.

Not a TCG more of just a collectable it has a picture of the hero on the front and a bit of history about the character on the back.

Well that’s not as fun!

Sign the petition to change Oscar Mike’s name to Oscar Mike Golf and
Whiskey Foxtrot’s name to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot that they might me
called OMGWTF @

But there a promo item they are using now and we know more then 15 at this stage and each card is numbered and it has # of 25

I’m glad to someone else is having the same experience as me so I know its not just sheet bad luck.

Myself & my sister have opened in excess of 200 packs of cards between us & only have 1-15. Its odd how 1 through 13 are in groups of 3 per faction but then the Rogues don’t get their 3rd card.

On a side note, we didn’t actually get a Phoebe (#13) until the last 40 or so packs but then ended up with 8 of them which was very odd.

A guy in the uk got 16 to 25 in his first 6 packs

I have 20 full sets of these cards minus Toby and deande as these are only available with the game

Most shops only received batch 1 I got a box of each

i got a ton of duplicate cards from 1-15

need cards from 16-25 to complete the whole set, if anyone wishes to trade cards.

willing to trade? i opened 75 packs and only got cards 1-15 which is ■■■■■■■■ unless cards 16-25 are extremely rare

There were 2 batches I fortunately got given 2 full boxes they sent rare just got disributed wrong

i live in the states, and the only way for me getting these cards is off ebay or by trading off forums and finding others that have full sets and are willing to trade.

willing to trade someone cards 1-15 for cards 16-25

have multiple sets of 1-15 just need cards 16-25 to complete a full set

I’ll share this topic here as this person is also looking to trade cards:

Any UK players swapping cards?

Seems odd, as in the UK, we just got packs with all the characters available.

I’ve got a fair few swaps, and probably most of the ones you are looking for (The only exception over her is Toby and Deande, have not seen a single one of them outside of the pack included with the game)

I’ll check through them when I get home tonight, let you know which ones I have spare.

if anyone has cards 16-25 i would gladly trade you cards 1-15 for cards 16-25 plus the puzzle piece i am missing.

I got 24 & 25 with the game but haven’t seen 16-23

I got tobe and deande with the game. no idea what numbers they are.