Battleborn Trophy Not Unlocking?

Has anyone else had their “Battleborn” Trophy glitch and not unlock? It’s the one where you actually reach rank 100 and unlock the Battleborn title? I was just wondering if someone else had the fix? I contacted Gearbox and Sony and basically got some troubleshooting which didn’t make it work unfortunately.

I’m not entirely sure but it may have something to do with the level cap increase to 105. Maybe you need to reach the new max for the trophy to register? Otherwise I can’t think of any other reason why it wouldn’t work.

If you didn’t already, go to 2K support and open up a Ticket. You should also go to Options Support and get your Support info there.

Use the Screenshots, fill out the infos they need and I’m sure they can help.

This is kinda what i was thinking. I’m going to try and play a lot of the bird hunt for the double xp. If it ends up popping I will let you know.

I did contact Gearbox support and they requested I do a Bug report with the same screenshots. I did but they had nothing further for me at this time. I also contacted Sony support and did their troubleshooting. They said it may pop on Tuesday because that is when they servers refresh. I’m going to try and play a lot this weekend to try and get rank 105. Fingers crossed!

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How’d it go?

I actually heard back from Gearbox support confirming it should unlock after me making rank 105. After a whole lot of grinding I made rank 105 today and it did unlock. Make me feel much better!


Glad you got it. :slight_smile: