Battleborn "Ulti. Skill" Voice lines

Since the last big update the Battleborn only use one specific voice line for there “Main Skill (middle one)”. And well… i really don’t like it.
It feels like there personality got shortened.

My question is:
Can i do something to get all the other voice lines for the “Main Skill” back?
Atleast so i can hear all of them again?

It would be a shame to just throw away all those voice lines. But i see why the got removed. So that players can identify the “Main Skill” better.
But, as a 400 hours player of Battleborn i feel more then confident enough to say, that i can differentiate the voice lines and know which Battleborn it’s belongs to. So why don’t give me the option to hear all the voice lines?

So, it would be nice if the change that when there’s no option for it.

It’s for sure better then my 37x “LAST MISTAKE” and Kid Ultra’s “HELPING” problem.

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This was a change introduced with the last big Update.

The change is discussed in many topics already, please contribute in of the existing threads to keep the feedback together.

Here some topics evolving aound this matter:

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