Battleborn Volume Problem

Quite literally I’ve had a problem with battleborn’s in-game volume since day one.

Any games, movies, or shows I watch, I listen to at 12-17 volume points on my TV. But battleborn… well, at the beginning I’ve had to move it up to 25 or so. But I hadn’t played in a while, so I log in today and I’ve had to crank it up to 50 to hear everything clearly, and that’s approaching maximum range on my TV. If I use the PS button and use menu things, the immediate change in volume is ridiculous. It hurts my ears.

Hell, even if I stream the game on Twitch, you can’t hear it. And I normally have to lower my twitch volume down to 25% to get it to the level I like.

What gives? Why is the in game volume so low?

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Yeah, known problem, it was like this even in Open Beta. Haven’t heard devs response, though.


And I thought I’m crazy. Noticed that too.

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Yes, saw someone talking about this during the Beta too.

@JoeKGBX @Jythri are the Devs aware of these volume issues? :slight_smile: There were some Audio edits in the Update notes but nothing on the overall volume.

I’d also like to point out that the game is still missing a “Master Volume” audio slider :confused: This should be commonplace, it’s a pretty handy thing.

We are aware of some sound issues. This patch today, I believe, has some adjustments for that. Every content update we make we tune a few audio things behind the scenes.


Speaking of the update what time is it schedualed to drop today?

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4pm CST, last I heard.


That’s 9pm GMT, I believe.

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Less than a hour to go! :smile:

the overall scope of the volume is very tone deaf. like maxing out my headphones (astros) or even TV soundbar it sounds very low compared to other games.

thank you though for being aware of this issue. my only main complaint will be fixed hopefully soon. :smile:

@JoeKGBX @Jythri My issue with the volumes in Battleborn, is that there needs to be a way to turn the ‘in game chat’ (players speaking on mic) up and down in the game’s volume settings.

This can be done with a headset obviously, with my PS4 headset I can use the controls on it to turn up and down the in game chat volume, to make it louder than the music/sound effects, overlay? I can’t think of the right way to say it.

But I don’t always want to play with my headset on, sometimes I still want to hear what other players might be saying in game, but just listen through my TV.
But Battleborn only has sound options for the game stuff it’s self (music, sound effects, etc).

There needs to be a sound option for turning up and down the volume of in game chat. I hate to name that other game (overwatch…) but they have an option to do this. To make player speak more dominant, without the use of a headset. But also without sacrificing the ingame music/sound effects (having to turn them down just to hear the player more clearly, and turn up my TV volume.)

It would also be nice if it showed somewhere on the screen who was doing the talking too. Like an icon and their screen name in the top corner of the screen, visually obvious (Yes, like overwatch…). Rather than just a speech symbol above their character, as I’m not always looking at their character, but I’d surely like to know whom is speaking at me at times if I’m unfamiliar with them (not playing with friends).

And I also find it odd, when I put my headset on, that the noises of the shards being collected still come through my PS4 controller unless I adjust the ingame sound settings (manually change it myself to not come through the controller). Shouldn’t all in game sounds just revert to the headset the moment it’s switched on?

I could have made a seperate topic on these issues… But thought I’d just add them here, as its kind of the same stuff/on topic, my apologies if any of this stuff is in the recent update, or if I’m just doing things wrong and/or unaware of how to adjust/change things :slight_smile:

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I can’t get on right now. How is the sound after the patch?

The volume is the same for me. The only thing I noticed is they added a music to char select screen before a match.

I’ve actually noticed some sound on the new maps. But I usually play while watching netflix, so I rarely hear the sounds anyways.

So I finally played BB again since I posted.

Things are better, but still not good. You can hear things now.

When you change the volume, the change is miniscule like before. The good thing is that the base volume is at a level where you can hear it. Still settling on too low a volume to be comfortable.

I also tested by streaming it on twitch and it’s at a somewhat acceptable level at max Twitch volume.

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agreed. but when background music comes out ill be rocking out to Metal or Techno. lol still need option to turn up the voice chat in game. also without a lag