Battleborn vs Overwatch

So I’m very interested in Battleborn but I want to hear opinions on Overwatch. I might get Overwatch as well simply for the fact that it is leaned more towards PvP than Battleborn. It reminds me of Team Fortress 2. So I want an unbiased opinion on Overwatch, how its gameplay is in comparison to Battleborn, and if it is as fleshed out as Battleborn. Again, evidence please, I don’t want a pissing contest between fanboys so lets keep this professional.

Overwatch looks very nice and polished but in comparison its a pure teamshooter, you have skills but cant change anything ingame with items or skillpoints, you cant even change the weapons pregame like in Teamfortres. Its from Blizzard so a huge fanbase is almost guaranteed and without all these options is should be easier to balance than Battleborn.
For me a pure shooter is getting boring a little to fast so I really hope that Battleborn gets enough fans to be some kind of LoL replacement also I like the gamemodes with minions that are nonexistent in Overwatch.


It’s just less colourful and it has less characters.(less variety)
Imo Battleborn is much better and I’m more hyped for it and I was a overwatch fanboy!


Thank you for the input but I just want to know if it accomplishes what it sets out to do. It is a team based shooter. Not having customizable skill trees is a trade off from a game design standpoint. It makes the game easier to get into since you don’t need to look at skill trees on all characters and speculate meta at the cost of depth. That’s not a bad thing but more of an opinion.

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Also, I don’t care about graphics and art style, if I did I never would have played ( God forbid ) Borderlands, Minecraft, and wouldn’t play Battleborn. Unless it’s a ps4 game that looks like a gamecube game, gameplay is all I really care about and whether or not the game is good.


Well to sum up it is a TF2 reincarnation by blizzard with a bit more heroes than original. It’s a team objective-based shooter. Comparing to BB, there is no in battle leveling or gear. So you pick a char and that’s pretty much it, just that you can change it during battle. Also another big difference is very short time to kill (not CS type but still way shorter than BB). So you could say it’s a twitch shooter where your aiming and getting jump on people matters more than your game strategy.

Your comparison of Overwatch to TF2 is spot-on. Overwatch has no leveling system or gear system and allows you to change classes between respawns, similar to TF2. Overwatch is also PVP only, and is primarily a shooter; except for Reinhardt and Genji, every character in Overwatch uses some kind of gun. TF2 is one of my favorite FPS games out there, so I’m sure I will enjoy Overwatch, but (and this is a big but) I don’t see $40/$60 worth of content in Overwatch. I had planned to buy OW for PS4, and for some reason it costs $20 extra on PS4 and XB1, and dollar-for-dollar Battleborn blows Overwatch out of the water.

That being said, I don’t see any direct competition between these games, and it kind of frustrates me when I see people calling Overwatch the “Battleborn Killer.” These two games are like apples and oranges; yeah, they’re both fruits, but that’s where the similarities end. Comparing Battleborn to Overwatch is like comparing Borderlands to Call of Duty JUST because they are both FPSs.

Overwatch is playing it safe, borrowing from a tried-and-true FPS formula, and Battleborn is taking big risks. Based on what I’ve seen and played firsthand, I think those risks are going to pay off.


Battleborn comes first; Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End comes next possibly; Overwatch comes at discount. I want Overwatch but I’m not paying full-price for it. I’m not rich, after all

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Battleborn certainly seems to check more boxes for me than OverWatch. I like a good variety of PvE and PvP which Battleborn has tons of. Overwatch seems great if I was still into just another Team Fortress 2 style game. Which I have played maybe 30 minutes of, ever.

Battleborn also seems fantastic even if it doesn’t catch on, because it supports tons of solo activitiy. Such as the campaign and bots for the PvP modes.

Yea. I might check out overwatch like a year from now, for cheap.

Okay, thank you for giving actual evidence for why Battleborn is the better choice. Most other people gave it a bad rep simply for design choices, thanks.

I bet if you ask in the blizzard forum you get different answers.:wink:

I did, they said the character design for Overwatch was what sold it to them. You can’t blame them they probably grew up with those games. I might get Overwatch too just because I’m more used PvP than PvE and minions.

I’m only going the Battleborn route because of the pvp,
(I think if I want a story shooter there are better games)
But I’m more into mobas than other teamshooters so this is closser.
(because in my age the reflexes tend to fall behind but you can compensate much with tactics positioning in such a slower gametype)

i am personally going to launch a full investigation into overwatch. i was absolutely emphatically impressed with the ctt of this game, but with some of the balance decisions they have already made in this game, i have lost all interest. as of right now, i am backing out of the beta for this game. if they change some things back before the release of the game, i will 100 pct buy battleborn, but as of right now i am out.

i have lived through nerf after nerf playing destiny competitively. it has never even one time, out of MANY, resulted in improvement. now i stand almost 3k hours later into destiny, shaking my head at why i stuck around for so long. the pve contributed to my stay when the pvp became unbearable, but this game does not have good pve. i was going to buy battleborn exclusively for pvp, but now i have lost interest

If nerfs are a concern, the Overwatch may not be for you either. The amount of balance updates that have gone into that game just in the private beta stage is pretty big.

that’s good to know, actually. perhaps i will just step away from pvp game altogether for awhile. i do have to ask, though, were all the characters playable in the closed overwatch beta? i was shocked when they nerfed phoebe in the ctt when players were so new, mostly bad, and some characters were never available, while many were very seldom available.

after the first nerf to phoebe, coupled with the rising skill of players and familiarity of characters, you saw an undeniable counter consistently being presented. i am just floored that they decided to nerf her again.

Happy to help!

In the earlier stages of the Overwatch beta not all characters were out yet, just as with the CTT for Battleborn. With every update there seems to be changes to how some character function, ranging from minor to completely gamechanging. Bastion, for example, when in his turret form used to have a front-facing shield and limited range of motion. With the recent updates he now has no shield, full 360 range of motion while in turret form, and a weak spot on his back- just to name a few. Big balance updates seem to be happening pretty frequently. But I guess that’s the name of the game when it comes to PVP, because they don’t really know how balanced the game is gonna be until it’s in the players hands.

The Pheobe nerf does not surprise me, though, even after the CTT nerf. A stun+how fast she can deal out damage was a little wild. It was basically a guaranteed win unless you were facing off against someone with a high health pool. The change to a silence feels more balanced to me, because it makes the player choose their targets more strategically, like going after squishies and characters that have good escape skills (that they won’t be able to use when silenced) and players that have strayed too far from their team.

Edit: IIRC actually a lot of stun abilities across the board have been removed, nerfed, or replaced by the silence status effect or something else like a slow or blind. The stun ability is far rarer now and seems to be given to some of the more slow moving, lower DPS characters for the most part. ( I’ll need to go through some helixes and compare from what I remember pre-balance update.)

the thing is, with how much they closed the window to land the one magical hit out of four that you had to hit in order to stun, it actually took skill to stun someone. now in a snowball, sure, anyone could do it. but in a match when everyone was leveling at a comparable pace, the list of counters was getting longer by the day as people were learning to play.

i do feel as though the fact that only one of a character can be on a team in any given match needs to be more strongly considered. and the overwhelming fact that both teams can have one. one character is always going to be the best in a 1v1 in this sort of game. late game, a strong oscar mike became unstoppable. rath was incredibly strong with a blind and a knock up, and his ultimate was great. benedict was the most annoying thing on earth. that rocket spam, ability to get to places not easily accessible by anyone else, and the ability to escape anything was really strong.

phoebe was a one trick pony, and now she doesnt even have a trick. she is just average. but she is supposed to be a 1v1 champion… an assassin

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I guess that’s why they nerfed her. Before, even after her nerf, she could 1v1 any character regardless of class. That’s a problem. She needs to be good at 1v1ing the characters she’s supposed to, not everyone.

But! There’s one more phase of beta left. Who knows how things might change.

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